Sembaruthi 6th April 2021 Written Update: Mahesh and Bavani decide to get married secretly

Sembaruthi 6th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahesh telling Bavani that they should do register marriage secretly for their security, then in the future, if his mother accepts their marriage, they will remarry publicly. Bavani says that they should talk to Parvathi before deciding anything. However Mahesh asks Bavani not to talk to anyone about it. Bavani agrees. They decide to take their respective friends help.

Mahesh and Bavani reach the register office. Their friends are already present there. The register arrives. He checks Mahesh and Bavani’s ID’s proofs. The register identifies that Mahesh is Rajeshwari’s son. He discusses with his assistant about the same. The assistant tells that Rajeshwari will not spare him, if he does her son’s register marriage and advises him to inform Rajeshwari. The register asks Mahesh and Bavani to wait for a while.

Ahead, the register phones Rajeshwari and informs that Mahesh has come along with a girl to his office to do register marriage. Rajeshwari gets shocked. She asks if the girl name is Bavani to which the register says yes. Rajeshwari says that she’s out of town and asks the register to delay the marriage until she comes there. The register agrees. Rajeshwari tells Ratnam that Mahesh is in the register office with Bavani. Ratnam says that this must be that Rowdy girl’s (Paravathi) plan. They decide to stop the marriage.

Meanwhile the register calls Mahesh and Bavani and says that after 1 hour auspicious time will start and advises them to get married after 1 hour. Bavani and Mahesh accept to wait for an hour.

Other hand, Rajeshwari and Ratnam are on the way. Ratnam says that they should have killed Bavani when she had sneaked into their house in the night. Rajeshwari says that Mahesh pretended to agree to marry Varsha, because he had other plan in his mind. Ratnam says that Mahesh doesn’t have enough courage to do register marriage going against Rajeshwari, that Rowdy girl must have provoked him. Rajeshwari asks Ratnam to call their goons to kill Bavani. Rajeshwari tries to contact Akhila, but her phone is non-recheable.

Mahesh’s one friend informs Mahesh and Bavani that Rajeshwari is coming here. Bavani and Mahesh get scared and run from there along with their friends. Rajeshwari and Ratnam reach the register office along with the goons and they look for Mahesh and Bavani. The two hide in a room. Ratnma gets hold of Mahesh’s and Bavani’s friends. Rajeshwari slaps them and asks where Mahesh and Bavani are. She threatens to kill all of them. Mahesh assures Bavani and asks her to stay inside the room. Mahesh goes to his mother. Rajeshwari slaps him asking how he dared to go against her and try to marry Bavani. She asks where Bavani is. Mahesh lies that Bavani has escaped. However Rajeshwari doesn’t believe him. She orders his brother to find Bavani and kill her. Mahesh gets scared and pleads with Rajeshwari to leave Bavani. He agrees to marry Varsha. Rajeshwari phones his brother and asks him to come back as Mahesh agreed for the marriage.

The episode ends.