Sembaruthi 6th July 2021 Written Update: Snakebites Parvathy

Sembaruthi 6th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila comes down along with Arun and notices the arrangements of pooja. Vanaja thinks that Akhila won’t come but she came. Uma questions Vanaja will thru bring the sword back? Vanaja tells her that Akhila came here in the hope Adhi and Parvathy will bring the sword back but it won’t happen. Priest asks Aishwarya to lighten up the lamp. Parvathy reaches to the temple and prays to Nagathamma that Nandini hidden the sword in this temple. Help her to find out the sword soon. Parvathy starts searching for the sword in that temple.

Adhi is coming with Singaram in car another side. Singaram informs to Adhi may pooja started in house so drive faster. He nods and drives fast. Akhila is often checking outside. Guruji alerts Akhila that good muhurth is gonna last only 10 minutes more. If they don’t bring sword on time then he can’t able to do the pooja. If pooja stopped in middle then their family will face the consequences.

Vanaja thinks what’s Guruji’s problem in it. He won’t come back with the sword. Purushothaman asks Arun to call Adhi and informs to him about the pooja. He nods and dials to him. Adhi tells to Arun that he reaches near the sword he will definitely bring the sword back to house in 10 minutes so nothing to worry. Arun shares this news to Akhila. Adhi drives faster. Parvathy searches for the sword and feels disappoints when she can’t able to find it. She comes near the snake nest and prays to Nagathamma that Nandini hidden for sword somewhere in the temple. Akhila will die if she can’t able to continue the pooja. She might return the sword to her on time. She asks god to help her. Flower falls down giving sign to her. Parvathy thinks that she might take sword at any cost.

Parvathy determines to take the sword. Adhi and Singaram reaches there and starts searches for the sword there. Parvathy collects some hope and puts her hand inside the snake’s nest. Meanwhile Adhi and Singaram searches everywhere in the temple for the sword. Parvathy starts searching for the sword inside the snake nest. Snake is inside it. Parvathy touched the sword but snake bites her immediately. She takes out the sword from it and feels happy to see it. She didn’t noticed the marks of snake bite in happiness.

She smiles after seeing the sword and touches it happily. Parvathy notices the mark on her hand she doubts may Snake bite her she don’t hesitate to give the sword back to Akhila if it cost her life also. Adhi comes there and feels happy to see the sword in her hand. Singaram questions her where did she find it? She hesitate to answer him.

Episode end.