Sembaruthi 7th July 2021 Written Update: Akhila is on cloud nine

Sembaruthi 7th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhi notices Parvathy is holding sword he feels emotional to see it. Parvathy shares to him happily she find out the sword. Singaram reaches there. Adhi touches the sword emotionally and informs to her they are here after learning the truth sword is here. Singaram questions her how come she found it they searches for it everywhere. Parvathy thinks they will take Parvathy to hospital if he finds out the truth. She asks them to leave it all are waiting for the sword in home. Adhi informs to her Arun called him already to inform him only 10 minutes are left. They leaves from there. Priest asks Aishu to lighten the lamp.

Vanaja says to Uma in teasing way that not only Akhila but also everyone in this house are expecting Adhi and Parvathy will bring the sword here. Uma questions her will they bring it back? Vanaja says to her they will say to Akhila that they will Inform they can’t able to find the sword. Adhi and Parvathy are coming in car. Priest alert Akhila only two minutes are left for good muhurth they wanna start the pooja before it. Priest asks Arun to call Adhi and enquires him where is the sword? Adhi and Parvathy reaches there with sword. Akhila feels happy to see the sword there. Vanaja thinks nothing wrong will happen here when these two are here. Akhila is on cloud nine seeing the sword and shows her happiness out.

Parvathy gives the sword to Adhi he takes it in his hand walks near Akhila while holding it. He forward the sword to Akhila. Shiva gets shock to see the sword there. Adhi says to Akhila it’s their traditional sword she can start the pooja happily. Parvathy feels dizzy. Akhila touches the sword emotionally. Parvathy feels happy to see Akhila.

In happiness. Adhi handover the sword to her hand. Vanaja makes faces seeing it. Purushothaman enquires to Adhi whom stoled the sword? Adhi informs to Akhila that Nandini and Raaji stoles the sword in anger on Akhila and hidden it in temple. Adhi adds that he went to search for it but Parvathy finds out it before him after learning the truth from Nandini’s servant. Priest asks Akhila to do the pooja with sword. Vanaja thinks that nothing is going wrong here everything is ending up in good things. Akhila is thinking for a while.

Arun says to Aishu that he guesses that Akhila may ask Parvathy to do this pooja. Aishwarya nods with him. Vanaja and Purushothaman thinks the same. Akhila says to Adhi that she never losted the hope on Adhi yet. He fulfilled her wishes and return the sword on time. Akhila says that she will do this pooja happily. She places the sword down. Parvathy is feeling dizzy. Akhila starts the pooja. Parvathy is feeling her vision is getting blurred.

Vanaja thinks everything going smoothly here this Adhi and Parvathy are not allowing anything bad happen here. Shiva doubts how comes they find out the sword. He wishes to Convey this matter to Nandini. He confirms that none is around him. He calls to Nandini shr doubts why is he calling her in daytime. Shiva shares to her its important matter. Nandini questions him Is they doubting him? He deny it and alerts her that they find out the sword and started the pooja too. Nandini says how comes they find out the sword? Shiva asks her to be careful and disconnect the call.

Episode end.