Sembaruthi 7th June 2021 Written Update: Akhila family in trouble

Sembaruthi 7th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parvathy questions Adhi why is he looking tensed after reading the letter? what’s in that letter? He informs to her that Income tax registered complaint on Bangalore Adhi group of company branch reasoning 10 core cheating. They asked Akhila to meet them for further investigation. Arun and Aishwarya too reads it. Arun says to Adhi that they don’t have any branches other then TamilNadu then how comes teja case registered on their company name? Adhi Informs to him that he is also thinking the same.

Aishwarya asks Adhi to call Akhila and gets a suggestion from her about it. Parvathy informs to them that Akhila went to take rest so don’t disturb her. Adhi agrees with her and says let’s inform about it to lawyer and gets a advise from him. Driver is watching them kneeely. Adhi calls to the lawyer and informs everything to him. Driver leaves to alert Nandini. Adhi tells them that Lawyer will meet them in evening.

Driver calls to Nandini. Nandini informs to him that income tax notice came on Akhila name but Akhila went to village to take rest. Driver questions her she found it before him its seems she is watching every move of them. Nandini says that she wanna see that Akhila kissing her family name and face in this society. For that she wants to be alert 24hours. It’s her aim destroy Akhila. Nandini asks Driver to watch them. Lawyer comes there and checks the papers. He informs to them its name from Bangalore branch. Adhi informs to him that there is no branch in Bangalore in their name?

Arun questions the lawyer why did they send letter to their house instead of trust name? Aishwarya asks the same doubt to him? Lawyer informs to them that there is no branch in Bangalore that’s why it returned on Income tax department. So they send it to Akhila’s name for a clarification. Adhi informs to him that they are not collecting fund from outside. Every year they are sending amount from their account for that trust. Arun informs to Lawyer someone cheated them by collecting fund from outside. Parvathy says that someone did it but Akhila name spoiled. Aiswarya says to him let’s inform this to Akhila then.

Adhi deny it reasoning let’s hide it from her instead of disturbing her. Arun agrees with him. Lawyer suggests them to enquire I’m Bangalore branch straightly about it. Adhi informs to them he will go there and enquires them. He asks Arun to book the tickets. Parvathy asks him to take her along with him. Adhi refuses it. Parvathy stands adamant. Ramu informs to them let’s go together with him. He know some people in Bangalore let’s deal it carefully. Adhi nods with them. Driver informs to Nandini that Adhi going to Bengalore to enquire in Income tax office. Nandini informs to him that they can’t win her if they go there also.

Adhi, Parvathy and Ramu reaches to Bangalore Income Tax office. They enquires to receptionist and enters inside the cabin. Adhi introduces him to the chief then gives the letter to him. Chief reads it and questions him Is it came from his office? Chief questions Parvathy Is she Akhila? She deny it. Adhi introduces her as his wife and tells him Akhila is his mom. She went to foreign that’s why he is here. Chief informs to him that Akhila might present here or else her lawyer. Adhi informs to him that they don’t have branch in Bangalore. Chief deny it and shows the documents to him.

Adhi checks it and informs to him that they don’t need to collect money from outside. Their family has prestige and name. Chief says to him that he may be saying truth but they only needs evidence. Chief asks them to proceed the evidence in one week or else they will register a compliant against Akhila. Parvathy says to him that he shouldn’t do it because it will spoil their name. Chief informs to them that he is freezing their account and properties for one week.

Episode end