Sembaruthi 8th July 2021 Written Update: Parvathy is in a critical stage

Sembaruthi 8th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandini says to Shiva there is no chance to get that sword how comes they find it out? Shiva says to her not only this they find out Nandini is behind this all. No one doubting him yet so he is going now by saying he disconnects the call. Nandini thinks that Parvathy won in the challenge she spoiled all her plans. She gets irritate and throws the things in anger. Parvathy feeling dizzy Vanaja notices this and thinks what happened to her? Akhila doing the pooja to the sword.

Akhila asks Aishwarya to give the flowers to everyone and return it to priest. Everyone prays to their ancestors and throws flowers on it. Everyone feels happy to see this. Akhila has a satisfied smile and stares the sword happily. Akhila takes arathi to the god. Priest informs to them pooja is completed so they can take the prasad. Everyone takes the Prasad. Paravathy feels uncomfortable to stand there and she feels her visions are blurred.

Parvathy faints and falls down. Adhi holds her on time and patting her cheek to wake her up. Everyone gets panic and rushes near Parvathy to check her. Vanaja thinks she is creating another scene here.

Akhila calls Parvathy to wake up she notices the foam in her mouth. Aushwarya finds the snake bite in her hand and alerts everyone there. Arun too confirms it. Adhi reminds that Parvathy stood near the snake hut. Adhi too mentions the same Vanaja thinks something good gonna happen here. Adhi complaints that Parvathy intentionally hide the matter from them to allow this pooja happen without any problem.

Akhila questions him how did snake bitten her? Adhi tells her he went to search for sword in temple there he saw Parvathy stood near snake hut. He asked her to say where did she find it but she didn’t answer to him. Nandini hidden the sword inside the snake hut. May Snake bite her while taking it. Shiva hears it and wishes to inform this to Nandini. Akhila says that Parvathy hidden from all snake bite her for her pooja.

Adhi takes Parvathy to hospital and admits her. Everyone rushes behind him. Doctor enquires to them what happened? Adhi informs to her snake bitten her. Doctor checks her questions him when did snake bite her? He says 30 minutes before. Doctor scolds him for taking her late to hospital. Adhi cries seeing her state. Akhila is nervous seeing Parvathy in ghat state she notices Adhi is crying badly for Parvathy. Vanaja makes faces. Purushothaman tells to Akhila that Parvathy is even ready to sacrifice her life for Akhila’s pooja. Akhila asks Adhi to stop crying he shouldn’t be cry she can’t able to see him in tears. She consoles him. Vanaja scolds Uma for supporting Parvathy. Doctor comes out and informs to them that Parvathy is in critical stage now.

Akhila asks her to save Parvathy at any cost she is ready to take care of the expense. She says to Akhila poison enters thoroughly in her body. She can able to assure anything after two hours only. Vanaja feels happy to hear it. Arum consoles Adhi. Aishwarya says that Nandini stoled the sword that’s why Parvathy is in this state. Akhila gets angry to hear it and wishes to show hell to Nandini. She wishes to punish her before Parvathy opening her eyes. Adhi asks her to calm down but she leaves from there angrily.

Episode end.