Sembaruthi 9th April 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari joins hand with Nandini

Sembaruthi 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhavani pleads with goons to leave her. Goons teases her and informs to her that they are not saint to release her! If they free her then Rathnam will kill them. Bhavani pleads with them again. Goon slaps her in anger. She falls on Adhi’s feet. He helps her to stand properly. Adhi glares the goons. He challenges them if they are men then touch her crossing him? Goons gets angry and starts to attacking him. Adhi is fighting with them. Meanwhile Parvathy is praying to god for them. She is doing ‘ Adipradarshanam’ with her wounded leg. She is suffering a lot to complete the pooja with that leg. Adhi beats everyone there. Rathnam comes there and punches on Adhi’s nose.

Rathnam warns him to stay away from his matters. Maheshwari ordered him to kill Bhavani. It’s better if he stop poking his head in their matters. Adhi stop him and starts showing black and blue to him. He falls down without balance.
Adhi says to Rathnam that Mahesh will definitely marry Bhavani! Adhi and Parvathy will arrange it. He asks Rathnam to inform this matter to his sister. Rajeshwari slaps Rathnam for spoiling good opportunity. Rathmam informs to her that Adhi saved her. Rajeshwari complaints that Parvathy used to poke her head in her matters first.

Now Adhi started supporting her. Rathnam asks Rajeshwari to inform this matter to Akhila! She feels it’s danger. She fears may Akhila supports Adhi in this matter. Rathnam says that they can’t do anything against Akhila. Nandini calls to Rajeshwari and says to her that she knew whatever happened in her life. She narrates all incident to her. Rajeshwari questions her how did she know everything? Nandini says that she knew everything about her. She is watching Akhila’s moment even in sleep too.

Nandini alerts Rajeshwari that Adhi already poked his head in this matter to support Parvathy. After him Akhila poke her head in it to support Adhi. Rajeshwari shares her fear with Nandini. She asks her to give some idea! Nandini says to her that only Akhila can able to stop Adhi. Nandini gives one idea to Rajeshwari. She says further that only Akhila’s family prestige can save her. If she get promise from Akhila then Adhi can’t able to do anything in her matters. She can perform her son’s marriage with high status girl. Parvathy is waiting for Adhi. Adhi comes there with Parvathy. Arun is having some conversation with Purushothaman.

Rajeshwari reaches there along with her family. Purushothaman doubts why is she here in this time? Vanaja feels happy to see her there. Rajeshwari signals something to her. Akhila comes there and greets them. Akhila enquires to Rajeshwari what’s the matter? Rajeshwari says to her that she is here to talk about her son’s marriage. Akhila says to her that what’s there to talk in it? Rajeshwari says to her that she fears that rowdy girl will create some problem in it. Akhila asks her to trust her. Parvathy enquires to Bhavani what happened? Bhavani says to her that Adhi saved her on correct time. Bhavani apologizes to Parvathy and narrates to her that she tried to do register marriage. So they planned to kill her. Vanaja says to Rajeshwari that she can ask anything to Akhila. Rajeshwari demands Akhila wants to promise on her family name.

Episode end.