Sembaruthi 9th July 2021 Written Update: Adhi stops Akhila

Sembaruthi 9th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aishwarya says to Akhila that Nandini stoled the sword that’s why Parvathy is in this state. Vanaja thinks why is she bringing her in this situation. Akhila gets angry to hear it and wishes to show hell to Nandini. She wishes to punish her before Parvathy opening her eyes. Adhi asks her to calm down but she leaves from there angrily after asking Adhi to take care of Parvathy. Vanaja wishes to alert Nandini some how. Vanaja thinks that Aishwarya has no control of her tongue. Adhi follows Akhila behind. After him Vanaja leaves from there nicely and Uma follows her. Vanaja looks around and calls to Nandini. She notices Vanaja’s name and confused whether to attends the call or not?

Vanaja thinks she may be guilty for hiding the truth from her. She attends the call. Vanaja talks with her in teasing way that she may forget her number and adds that she is taking some steps without Inforimung to her. Nandini tells her that she don’t wishes to hide this all from her but she thought to surprise her after finishing the job but luck is on Akhila’s side. Vanaja too nods with her and says Akhila is so lucky.

Nandini says to her that Akhila is escaping from all because of Adhi and Parvathy. Akhila coming to meet her in anger. Nandini tells her that she knew well she will definitely come to meet her she is already prepared for it. Vanaja reveals to her that snake bitten Parvathy when she tried to take the sword. Nandini smiles and thank her for alerting her. She disconnects the call. Vanaja thinks that Nandini is showing too much attittude to her. One day she will show hell to her definitely Akhila will teach a lesson to her.

Akhila reaches there holding gun. Nandini didn’t give heed to her. Akhila questions her how dare she to stole her family sword? She will only talk with her gun hereafter. Nandini says to her that her life is not that much easy to take. Akhila says to her that she forgave her In Bangalore matter but she backed off hearing Adhi’s word. Nandini says to her that her family aim is to ruin Akhila’s name and family. Nandini tells her that she is not scared of her gun.

Akhila tells her that she is day dreaming. She won’t forgive her hereafter. This time her gun will definitely speak with her. Because of her poor Parvathy is in danger. Nandini tells her that she is not scared of death. Parvathy tells her that gun never shows pity on her. She pulls the trigger and shoot her but Adhi diverts her. Adhi asks her to stop it.

Akhila lashes out at Nandini and complaints to Adhi that she is the reason behind Parvathy’s state. Adhi convinces her and changes her mind emotionally. Akhila says that she won’t leave her easily. She slaps her and warns her. Akhila asks Adhi to stay beside Parvathy she wanna go to some where else. Akhila reaches to temple to pray for Parvathy. Akhila says to god that she has no idea whether god testing her or Parvathy. She shares her grief to god. She says that Parvathy sacrifices her life for her family’s name. She pleads with god to save Parvathy from the danger. She starts her prayer.

Episode end.