Sembaruthi 9th October 2020 Written Update: Adhi is shocked

Sembaruthi 9th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhi introducing Parvathi as his wife to the clients and telling he wants Parvathi to be there with him during the presentation for which Dinesh and the clients agree. Adhi presents the project to the clients who are impressed and appreciate him. After the clients and boss left the hall, Parvathi hugs Adhi while a Tamil romantic song plays in the background.

Perumal asks Janu to bring coffee. Parvathi gives him coffee and apologizes for fighting with him that day. Parvathi questions about his son, but Perumal refuses to tell any details regarding him. Parvathi intentionally says wrong details about their son to get real details like name, working place, etc..

Parvathi shares the details with Adhi, who assure Parvathi that he will do his best to find him. Parvathi says if they will bring Vettri (Perumal and Janu’s son) on their wedding anniversary day, they would be elated.

Adhi calls a person, who is supposed to be Vettri’s friend and asks to meet him to discuss Perumal and Janu’s son Vettri. Adhi comes to know Vettri’s friend is also his friend when he meets him. Adhi asks how he knows Vettri. The friend says Vettri is his schoolmate and asks why he wants to know about Vettri. Adhi tells about Perumal and Janu missing their son.

The friend says Vettri is no more, he passed away in an accident that happened in America, even his body wasn’t taken to India, it’s buried in America. Adhi asks if his parents know it. The friend replies yes. Adhi concludes that they’re living hiding their sorrow inside them so that no one can feel pity for them.

Janu cries looking at her son’s childhood picture. Perumal comes there buying new clothes for their wedding anniversary. He also bought clothes for his son and the daughter-in-law that his son would have married if had been alive.

Parvathi asks Adhi if it’s possible to bring Vettri from Abroad. Adhi says it’s not possible since he is no more and narrates everything his friend had told him. Parvathi is stunned. She says they have to do something to make them happy. Adhi says they will celebrate their marriage anniversary the way their son would’ve celebrated if he had been alive.

The episode ends.