Sembaruthi: Adhi and Parvathi spend quality time together

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Zee Tamil’s much popular show Sembaruthi‘s viewers have witnessed some emotional moments between the the mother-son due in the last few episodes. Now the audience is going to see some romantic moments between the lead couple Adhi and Parvathi.

So far it’s seen that Adhi and Parvathi have returned to Akhila’s house since Akhila invited them for her wedding anniversary. An excited Akhila cleaned and arranged Adhi’s room. Adhi got emotional when he learned about the same. That night Adhi went to talk to his mom, but he came back without having a talk since Akhila was on a call. However Adhi didn’t get sleep. Other side Akhila also wasn’t able to get sleep and ended up sleeping sitting on the sofa. Adhi, who went to see his mom, noticed her sleeping on the sofa and came to her. He expressed his wish to have food made by her and Akhila immediately fulfilled his wish. She made dosa for him and fed him with her own hands. They both got emotional and had a heart to heart conversion. Parvathi and Purushotoman admired their bonding looking from far. ¨Parvathi started to blame herself for Adhi and Akhila’s separation and decided to stay in the guest house. However Adhi pacified and convinced her. Vanaja overheard them and tried to instigate Akhila, but ended up getting scolded. A furious Vanaja cut the electricity of Adhi’s room.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Adhi and Parvathi will not be able to sleep due to power cut. Adhi will remind Parvathi the romantic moment they have spent in this room which will make Parvathi blush. Parvathi will bring candle to brighten the room. Adhi will admire Parvathi’s beauty in the candle’s light. He will keep staring at her lovingly while Parvathi will feel shy and will lower her gaze. However Adhi will lift her chin asking to look deep into his eyes so that she doesn’t feel shy.

Will Akhila leave her ego and accept Parvathi for Adhi’s sake? What is ahead for Adhi and Parvathi in the show?

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