Sembaruthi: How will Bhuvaneshwari tackle the situation?

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Sembaruthi is Zee Tamil hit show. This story is different with its unique story line. Now this show concentrating on Vanaja to plot against Bhuvaneshwari!

In the previous episode we saw; Adhi complained to Parvathy that she forgot him made her feel guilty. She shared to Bhuvana that she was forgetting her usual things in this mission. Adhi gave bindi to her and apologized to her for hurting her.

Parvathy hugged him in happiness. Driver gave the dress to Sundaram and informed him that Parvathy forgot that in car. Adhi questioned her Is she like to wear modern dress?

Bhuvana lied to him that she brought it for her to attend the meeting but it seems she don’t like it all. Later Raghav placed money in Akhila’s Almira without her knowledge. Next day Prakash brought police to Akhila’s house.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see: Nandini will plot against Parvathy. Prakash will ask Raghav to place black money in Bhuvana’s Almira. Later Police will arrest Akhila. Parvathy will meet with an accident. Doctor will ask Adhi to bring his mom to donate blood for Parvathy. Meanwhile Akhila will be in jail.

What will happen next?

Will Akhila release from jail?

When will Adhi learn the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.