Sembaruthi: The mysterious old man tells Vanaja about a secret

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Zee Tamil’s famous show Sembaruthi is gearing up for some new twists and turns in the show.

So far in the show, it’s seen that Akhila faints hearing Adhi’s decision. Adhi and family members get worried for Akhila. The doctor checks Akhila and tells them that she is disturbed about some issue and they need to find about it and solve it. Parvathi convinces Adhi to change his decision for Akhila’s sake. Adhi hesitates, as he doesn’t want Parvathi to go through any kind of humiliation staying in that house. Parvathi asks him not to worry about her. She adds that he’s the only medicine for Akhila’s sorrows and she will get fine if he tells her that he’s not leaving the house. Adhi agrees. He informs his mom that he’s not going anywhere leaving her. Akhila gets elated.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that the mysterious old man, who had come to Akhila’s anniversary party and asked to meet Akhila, will visit Akhila’s house. Vanaja will welcome him. He will tell her about the writings behind the mirror hanged. Vanaja will check the mirror and will find the drawing of the Aadhikadavur family sword and on that sword, it’s written about some secret that has been protected. Vanaja will wonder what does it mean, and how that old man knows about it. She will wonder whether that man has magical power. Vanaja will tell the old man about the sword and the writings she saw behind the cloak. She will ask what is that secret to which the old man will give a smile.

Who is that man? What secret is he talking about?

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