Sembaruthi: Vanaja puts on an act in front of Akhila

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Zee Tamil’s much loved show Sembaruthi which keeps entertaining its audience with an interesting story line, is now gearing up for further drama.

The story revolves around a rich and stubborn woman, Akhila and her elder son, Adhi and his love intrest Parvathi, who was working as a cook in their house.

In the latest episode it was seen that Adhi contacted the electrician. He asked the electrician to arrange for a car in one hour. The electrician agreed. Akhila called auditor and lawyer at home to talk about dividing the properties which shocked Purushotaman and Arun. Before Akhila called the inspector to inform that she wanted to take back the complaint against Vanaja. Lawyer met Vanaja at hospital. He announced Akhila’s decision and handover the documents. Vanaja refused to accept the share asking to meet Akhila. At Mumbai, Adhi fighted JK’s men and succeeded to escape from JK’s place. He got in an auto along with Chandini and drove away.

Next viewers will see that Vanaja will come to Akhila’s mansion. She will do her usual emotional drama. She will fall on the feet of Akhila. She will say crying that she doesn’t want any properties but instead she wants to be with Akhila. She will try to get Akhila’s sympathy. Akhila, who will understand that Vanaja is acting, will sign her to go away. At Mumbai JK’s men will chase Adhi and Chandhini.

What will be the next move of Vanaja to change Akhila’s decision? Will Parvathi talk to Akhila about Adhi? Will Adhi be able to escape from JK’s men and reach Chennai?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favourite show Sembaruthi, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.