Sembaruthi: Vanaja unintentionally ends up doing a favor for Parvathi

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Zee tamil’s much loved show Sembaruthi is all set for some major turns in the storyline. Earlier it’s seen that Vanaja tries to spoil Adhi and Parvathi’s grant welcome. Now it will be seen that Akhila does Adhi and Parvathi’s aarti and welcome them back home.

Previously the viewers have seen that Guruji asks Akhila to perform a special puja to which she agrees. Arun thinks this the right time to call Adhi and Parvathi home so that they can give them the grant welcome that they have planned without Akhila’s knowledge. Adhi and Parvathi hesitate to accept the grant welcome organized for them because Arun has arranged all these without Akhila’s permission, so they think Akhila may feel bad, if she gets to know about it. However Purushotaman, Arun and Aishwarya convince Adhi and Parvathi. Meanwhile Vanaja, rushes to Akhila to tell her what’s happening downstairs without her knowledge. When Akhila finishes the puja, Vanaja tells her about Arun’s plan of welcoming Adhi and Parvathi as newly wedded couple and brings her downstairs. Akhila stops Pattamal from taking Parvathi’s aarti.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Vanaja’s plan to instigate Akhila will turn in favor of Parvathi. Akhila will perform Adhi and Parvathi’s aarti and will welcome them home. Everyone will be glad with that except Vanaja, who will fume. Parvathi and Adhi will feel emotional as they return home after a longtime. Later Adhi and Akhila will share an emotional moment, they will pours their heart out to each other.

Will Parvathi be able to win Akhila’s heart? Will Akhila accept Parvathi as her daughter-in-law?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. To know latest news about your favorite show Sembaruthi, keep checking this space.