Sembaruthi: Will Adhi be able to clear up Parvathi’s misconception?

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Zee Tamil’s famous show Sembaruthi is entertaining his audiences with some interesting turns in the show. Earlier it’s seen that Raji gets furious knowing that Mahesh and Bavani keep meeting secretly. Now it will be seen that Parvathi succeeds in the final test of her beauty cream. The family happily congrats Parvathi. However, Parvathi isn’t happy.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Parvathi made a beauty cream using mud. Nandhini plans to spoil her cream with the help of Jennifer, a skin analyst, who comes to inspect Parvathi’s cream. Jennifer mixes chemicals in Parvathi’s cream. Otherside, Bavani meets Mahesh secretly. Raji gets to know about this. She decides to kill Bavani but Akhila stops her. Parvathi visits the temple. Raji asks Akhila to meet. Knowing Akhila is going to the temple, Raji also goes there.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Raji will meet Akhila at the temple. Parvathi will also visit the same temple, but she will fail to notice them. Parvathi will test her cream on foreigners’ skin in front of the client. Jennifer will be confident that Parvathi’s product will fail. However, the cream will not cause any reaction. The client will be satisfied with the cream. Everyone will congratulate Parvathi. Akhila will also congratulate her. Adhi will make arrangements to celebrate Parvathi’s victory. However, Parvathi will not be happy. She will think that she won by defeating Akhila so the latter might be angry with her.

Will Adhi be able to make Parvathi understand that she’s thinking wrong? Who has spoiled Jennifer’s plan?

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