Sembaruthi: Will Parvathy pooja save Bhavani?

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Sembaruthi is a famous Zee Tamil show. This show has it’s separate fan base for the unique love story. Peoples loves the love story between Adhi and Parvathy. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Akhila gave interview to Zee Tamil channel. Now it’s will be see that Adhi will try to save Bhavani from goons.

In last episode we saw; Purushothaman asked to Akhil why did she arranged for this interview? Akhila informed to him that Zee Tamil wanted to take her interview for Women’s day special. Vanaja excited to see the interview. Vanaja informed to Uma that she planned something big through it. Anchor came there and started her interview. She asked everyone to say their role model? Akhila mentioned ‘ Velunachiyar’. Vanaja mentioned ‘ Kattappa’ she gave a reason for it, that she liked his honesty. Aishu mentioned ‘Geetha’ name. Finally Parvathy mentioned ‘ Akhila’ name. Reasoned she liked her bold avathar. Anchor asked men to show their wallet. Purushothaman and Arun kept Akhila and Aishu photo in it. But Adhi only kept Akhila pic in his wallet. Akhila felt happy to know it. Singaram asked Adhi to show the picture in his dollar? Parvathy pic in it. Akhila felt disappointed with it and left there.

In upcoming episode we will be see that Adhi is helping Parvathy to walk. He questions her how will she walk with the injured leg? Parvathy assures to him that she can able to manage. Adhi convinces her and carries her in his hand. He takes her down while carrying her. Parvathy asks him to place her down seeing Purushothaman. He enquires to them where are they going? Parvathy informs to him that they are going to Temple. He scolds her for travelling instead of taking rest. He asks Adhi to carry her atleast. Parvathy is doing pooja and prays for Akhila’s health. Rajeshwari asks Rathnam to kill Bhavani. She thinks killing Bhavani is the only way to save Mahesh. Goons are chasing Bhavani. She informs to Adhi about it. He assures to her that he will be there. Goons caughtes her. Bhavani falls on Adhi’s feet. Will Adhi save Bhavani?

What will happen next? How will Parvathy fulfill Akhila’s wish? What is Vanaja plotting next against Akhila? The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tuned with our space for more updates.