Shaadi Mubarak 10th November 2020 Written Update: Rati plans evilly to defame Preeti’s character

Shaadi Mubarak 10th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rati planning to defame Preeti’s character while Kt thinks about telling his truth to Preeti as soon as possible as he don’t want to loose her or her trust. Preeti decorates the place for haldi function while KT comes to help her, he says that no one have understood wedding planners and then titled themselves as Artists while Preeti smiles and agrees.

KT goes near Preeti and address her as Preeti partner while she gives him a look seeing here and there that if anyone heard him while he apologized, Rati keeps an eye on them, at a moment Preeti was about to fall from stool and kt moves to save her but she balances herself while he ask her that if she will fall or not as he is waiting to save her like a hero to which she says that this heroine can save herself and jumps down the stool while that flowers falls upon them entagling them together (ik tara plays) kt laughs and mimicks preeti saying what if someone see them like this then his character will get defamed while Preeti ask him to help her to get detangled, on the other side kusum smiles seeing them and says they are made for eachother.

Rati talks to her mother on videocall who advice her to collect proof to defame Preeti’s character as people will only believe on the things which they sees. Preeti and KT laughs detangling themselves (ik tara continues Playing) while kusum adores them.

Kusum ask Juhi about what preeti likes? to which she thinks and answers that preeti always do what other loves and never tell about her likings, but later on says that Preeti indeed loves eating the residue of rabdi while kusum laughs hearing that in food also Preeti likes the remaining part.

KT does his exercise while Baldev comes there and ask him to focus on mental health rather den physical and tries to wear his kurta which gets stuck into his body, kt helps him and ask to do some physical activity to fit into his clothes and further compliments his kurta while Baldev leaves from there being annoyed.

Kusum comes there while KT gets happy, she tells him about preeti’s liking towards the residue of Rabdi while he says that Preeti’s liking are as unique as her only, while kusum smiles and thinks Kt even like weird things about Preeti and so they must get eachother, she further ask him to get remaining of rabdi for preeti while KT smiles and promises that he will surely get it as he can do anything for preeti.

Bua looks at Preeti doing the arrangement and praises her while Fufa sa compliments Kt for mingling so well in between them. Rati keeps waiting for Preeti and KT to get close so that she can collect proofs to defame their bond, while kusum comes towards kt and says that she will signal him when cook will make rabdi so that he can take the remaining from it for preeti, at that time Preeti comes there and ask what are they talking about while they changed the topic.

Function gets started and everyone claps, Preeti congratulates Bua and Fufa for completing 50 years together while Juhi performs on Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo and drags Bua along with Fufa sa to dance, Preeti and kusum also dances while everyone enjoys it and later on all joined them, at that time preeti’s nose ring slips down and Rati picks it up smirking evilly.

Precap:- Haldi function continues when light gets off, Preeti moves to check it while KT comes there and offers her rabadi residues just as she likes it, at that time lights come back and Preeti rushes back to the hall, Rati ask preeti about her nose ring while Bua sees it stuck on KT’s collar, Preeti looks shocked.

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