Shaadi Mubarak 11th November 2020 Written Update: Baldev doubts on kt and Preeti’s relationship

Shaadi Mubarak 11th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT scratching out the remaining of Rabdi happily for preeti, doesn’t even caring about it being hot (ik tara plays) while Kusum looks at him from aside and appreciate the way he is doing it even after being a big star. kt goes towards Preeti and sees her happily dancing with everyone, he thinks how to give it to her in front of all? at that time Rati switches off the lights while Preeti goes to look after the problem, she moves to check the switch when KT comes there and gives her remaining of rabdi as she likes it,

she happily enjoyed it and thanked him while KT grins widely, at that time Rati sees them naming there meet as a date and decides to show it to everyone, Preeti ask kt to taste rabdi residue as he never tasted it, later she declares that she needs to check on lights while KT ask her to finish her rabdi first, suddenly lights came back and Preeti rushes towards the hall area where everyone is present, kt signals her to wipe her mouth and she obliged,

Suddenly Rati asked preeti about her nose ring while Preeti gets worried, to which Bua sa ask her to calm down as it must get dropped nearby only when she was dancing and ask everyone to find it while Baldev says something is wrong as lights never goes like this in their village. All were searching for nose ring when Rati calls for KT to point out the nose ring stuck on his kurta but Kusum distracted them, she makes annoyed faces and everyone resumed back to find the nosering, at that time Preeti gets shocked seeing the ring on KT’s kurta, Bua sa moves towards kt looking at his kurta and turned him, which made the ring falls into his pocket while Preeti thanked God for helping her and decides to take back her nose ring from Kt afterwards.

Kusum ask Preeti to not worry and then goes towards kt, she asked him that did Preeti liked the remaining of rabdi? While he grins and says how happy Preeti was eating it! He further says that Preeti’s smile always makes his day, while kusum repeats his words and declares that they will talk about this matter in detail when they will get back to Udaipur, while he looks on.

Preeti gets tensed and thinks how to take her nose ring back from Kt? She dials his number but it didn’t get connected, at that time she sees kusum and complains about kt’s nature of not taking matters seriously, she says that what if someone have seen them together? And worries for Kt while kusum looks at her and makes her understand that he had done this for her happiness, to which Preeti says only lover or husband does these things for their partner or wife and stops hearing herself while kusum smiles and ask her to repeat what she said! Preeti stammers and says kt is just her partner and he is happy in his married life, to which kusum ask her that what if kt wasn’t married then would preeti have thought about kt as more then her partner? To which Preeti ask her to stop taking nonsense and goes from there while kusum smiles remembering how both kt-preeti cares for eachother.

Baldev searches for sometime when he saw preeti’s nose ring in KT’s kurta and gets angry while Preeti looks at it from doorstep being shocked, Rati sees Baldev and wish him to burst out on Preeti.

Baldev shows the ring to Bua sa and told her that he found it in KT’s pocket while Preeti and Rati peaks inside from each corner. Baldev says since starting he doubted Preeti and KT’s Partnership and talks ill about preeti’s character, he further ask Bua sa to throw kt out right now and to bind preeti in old tradition values, Bua sa looks on. Rati smirks evilly hearing Baldev and thanked him internally while Preeti looks with teary eyes and thinks how to make Bua sa believe that there is nothing between her and Kt.

Precap:- Bua sa happily says that she wants to give an honour to preeti while Rati ask her to honour her at that place where she is busy working! Everyone moves towards Bua sa’s room as Preeti and KT were decorating it while Preeti-kt falls down on the bed getting tangled with flowers, at that time Baldev along with all barges inside the room and saw them, making Preeti and kt shocked.

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