Shaadi Mubarak 16th September 2020 Written Update: Preeti and family excited for her new beginning

Shaadi Mubarak 16th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tarun gives cakes to Rati. He says that her dream car is about to reach them. He says they will get it by 5 or 6 months. She says her excitement will die down by then. He says their good times have started but Rati says that they are good times and their mother’s bad times have started.

She says Kusum aunty would’ve definitely insulted her because of which she wanted to find a job. She says they couldn’t manage the household with the small income from shop. She asks him to let her be as now they have servant maid. Tarun says that his father was right that his mother doesn’t want have brains at all. Priyanka is trying various dresses for her first day of work and Kusum too wears coolers and praises herself.

KT and Preeti comes there and KT decides to play for sometime. He asks Preeti to hide and goes inside. He says angrily to Kusum that he has found another partnership for his business. Kusum asks him to give Preeti sometime but KT says the time he waited for her, he even didn’t wait so much for his producers. He used filmy dialogues and says that he has decided to work with another person.

Preeti laughs hiding while Kusum starts crying in front of KT to give one chance to Preeti. She says that she’s stupid to let go off such a good opportunity. Preeti comes out laughing and KT introduces her as Preeti partner.

Kusum and everyone gets happy and Kusum says finally she got her brains. Everyone congratulates her and KT says that tomorrow after pooja at 11 they would start their company. Aastha proposes for a selfie. They click selfies together.

Preeti shows a saree that she’s going to wear the next day and Juhi approves it. Kusum asks her to wear something shiny as she’s going to be KT’s partner. Kusum gives her a beautiful saree and Preeti says that she’ll wear it.

Juhi leaves to sleep and Preeti and Kusum too leaves to bed. Kusum says that she really respects her a lot. However she says that she’s still a bit jealous of her. She says God has showered his grace on her and that’s the reason she is able to work with someone as good as KT. Preeti recalls her past and Kusum apologizes for remembering it.

Preeti says that she needs to inform Bua sa about her work but Kusum asks will she agree. Preeti says she would still inform and calls her but Bua sa cuts the call saying that they are in theerth yaatra. Kusum says that even God don’t want her to inform it and asks her to let it be.
Next day morning everyone gets ready.

Kusum comes there and asks Priyanka if she’s not coming. Priyanka says that tomorrow she has to join office and today they called her to complete her paper works. Kusum asks how’s she looking and everyone praises her. Preeti says that she wants to work on small projects first and then move to big projects.

Kajal asks why’s she worrying about money as KT is investing it but Preeti says its her duty to handle the accounts. They all leave and on the way they spot Tarun coming in his big car. He ignores them and Rati does pooja for the car. She spots Kusum and others and taunts Preeti but Preeti is genuinely happy for them. Rati and Tarun leave for shopping and a car comes near them. The driver informs them that KT has sent it to pick them.

Precap : Pundit misunderstands KT and Preeti as husband and wife. Preeti says about her being uncomfortable with such big company. KT’s mother taunts her.