Shaadi Mubarak 18th September 2020 Written Update: Tarun insults Preeti for Rati

Shaadi Mubarak 18th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with KT’s mother calling Preeti and gives her a gift. She says that she can understand their middle class lifestyle but it’s not the same for him. She says that she questioned KT about the big business because she’s scared of suddenly experiencing all this and she is not complaining about.

However she asks her to not force her fear on her son as for her only his happiness matters. She says that if the business succeeds then she can stoll buy 10 more such companies for her son and asks her to remember it.

KT hears them talking and interferes them. He asks what’s happening and KT’s mother says that she was just gifting Preeti. KT calls Preeti and his mother for having food. Kajal says Preeti that she wishes that she too gets a business partner like KT so that she could also becomes the boss of such a big company.

Kusum asks her to concentrate on her studying. Preeti stands aside thinking about how she wished to start from the bottom. KT comes there asking her to smile. He asks if she’s afraid of such big company and Preeti nods yes.

. KT says that in his experience he learnt a two ways of doing work. One by giving auditions and asking for job another by doing something big that everyone themselves come forward to work with them and he chose the second option. He says he has full trust on her efficiency and that they would definitely succeed. He says he started this because of his trust on her and now just needs to find a writer. Juhi comes there and says that her mother is herself a good writer but Preeti stops her nodding no.

Kusum and Preeti buys Tiffin box for Priyanka and Kusum buys another one for Preeti too despite her protests. She wonders where Juhi has gone and Juhi comes there with a branded handbag for Preeti.


Preeti asks why did she buy such expensive one but Juhi says that from childhood she bought whatever she and Tarun asked for without checking the price tag. She says now it’s her turn to do the same for her. They both hugs and Kusum recalls Priyanka shouting at her and gets teary eyed.

However she soon wipes her tears and asks for her gift. Juhi gives her a saree but Kusum says it doesn’t suit her. They both leave to exchange the saree. Preeti is alone when Tarun and Rati comes there. Rati complains Tarun about Preeti having the same branded bag as hers.

Tarun insults Preeti that she is no match for Rati and asks her to drop her cheap act. He says Rati that his father always said if its someone else in the place of him they would’ve left Preeti long back. He finds her buying Tiffin box and asks who will give job to her and what quality does she have.

He says that even if she gets hob for her innocent face the job will be done within months. He leaves with Rati and Preeti stands upset. KT calls Preeti angrily and asks her to rush there. Preeti comes there and he gives her a set of rules and Preeti notes it down. However soon KT bursts into laughter.