Shaadi Mubarak 22nd October 2020 Written Update : Preeti signs the partnership cancellation papers

Shaadi Mubarak 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT asking Preeti about cancelling partnership with her, Kusum says to KT that she had considered him as a hero and have placed him in her heart but he is hurting her by supporting mrs. Goplani, she further asks Preeti to not sign the papers as she have equal rights on shaadi mubarak by putting so much of hardwork, KT interrupts kusum and says his money has been invested in shaadi mubarak so he can decide with whom he wants to work and further asks Preeti to sign on the papers.

Kusum keeps arguing with KT, he says Preeti won’t say anything cause she is used to of hearing about her colour issues and says if Preeti had self respect then she would have stood against mrs. Goplani but she didn’t, he again ask her to sign the papers and keeps provoking her saying she is not made for bussiess as all her talents gets overshadowed by her colour, Preeti shout at him to stop.

Juhi told everything about Priyanka and Tarun to Sumedh, he gets angry and says Priyanka is innocent who isnt able to see the truth of Tarun, Juhi asks sorry from him to which he says she doesn’t have to apologise as he knows how different she is from her brother, he further praises her and then juhi says they have to expose Tarun to Priyanka that too with proofs.

At that time she got notification about Rati’s social media post and shows it to Sumedh in which Rati have mentioned about her 1 month anniversary and written that she is waiting for Tarun’s surprise, After reading this Juhi says they will sneak inside Tarun’s house to show the truth to Priyanka.

Preeti says she regrets trusting KT as he thinks so low of her, she says she will herself break this partnership and taunts him for being fond of outer beauty and says the real beauty lies inside, she laughs saying how easily he forgot about her hardwork just cause of her colour,

KT questions her that why she didn’t said all this things in front of Mrs. Goplani? He says she also feels insecure about her colour and that’s the truth, to which Preeti says she is comfortable with her skin as it’s the truth, she have borned with this colour and can’t change it.

Papers drop from KT’s hand as Preeti keep praising herself and says her colour will put stars on her hardwork, she further says she can’t spend even one second with KT’s thinking, kusum smiles seeing Preeti taking stand for herself and KT looks on, Preeti picks the papers and sign it and asks KT to go Meanwhile KT signals to Kusum and whistles to which she whistles back, Preeti asks whats going on?

To which kusum replies that they did this drama to put some brains in her, while KT smiles. Flashback is shown in which KT hears how mrs. Goplani shouted at Preeti and was about to take stand for her when kusum video calls him and told the truth about Mrs. Goplani, they planned to make Preeti confident and so did all the drama.

Juhi takes Priyanka to Tarun’s house while sumedh joins them, he opens the lock with fake key and they decorated the house meanwhile Priyanka keeps defending Tarun, Juhi asks Priyanka to get ready in Rati’s dress. Tarun enters inside the house and smiles seeing the decoration, he moves towards Rati (who in real is Priyanka) praising her, sumedh and Juhi keeps watching all this from their hiding place.

Tarun picks a card in which it is mentioned to play a truth game. He picks first question which is “how much he loves Rati?” he says how can he answer this as he have thrown his own mother out for Rati and says he can die for her. He moves forward and picks 2nd card in which it’s written ” does he remembered their 1st anniversary or not?”

To which he answers their marriage date is like a dream to him, he says every moment he have spend with her is special and he already have some plans for their anniversary, so it’s not possible to forget it. He moves forward and picks 3rd card in which it’s written that ” does he started liking Priyanka?”

To which he laughs and says Priyanka is dumb and he can never like such stupid illeterate girl, he further says he bear her cause he is helpless as he wants to win the challenge against Preeti, while Priyanka gets shocked and tears rolled from her eyes. Tarun moves forward saying all her questions are over and turns Rati aka Priyanka towards him and gets freezed.

Kusum praises Preeti for putting her heart out and says she is proud of Preeti, which makes Preeti smiles and she says from now she will never underestimate herself and both laughs while KT looks at Preeti lovingly (ik tara plays).

Kusum praises preeti’s beauty, at that time KT puts a stick note on preeti’s bag and runs from there, kusum shows the note to Preeti in which it’s written that KT is going to send all the hampers to mrs.Goplani’s friends and asked Preeti to enjoy with kusum.

Precap:- Mrs.Goplani comes to shaadi mubarak and shouts at KT, Preeti and sheena looks on. she further says it’s her mistake to give such a big contract to them and declares that she is cancelling their contract and will give it to Chanda’s company.

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