Shaadi Mubarak 29th September 2020 Written Update: Will Preeti be able to explain her reasons of working to her in laws?

Shaadi Mubarak 29th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tarun quoting Preeti as shameless lady who goes around with make up. Juhi comes forward and says Tarun, why don’t you ask your wife about her make up and where abouts. Preeti stops Juhi. Rati pretends to be emotional and says is it wrong to be concerned Preeti’s bua saas tells her how in village all daughter in laws are measured to Preeti’s qualities as she is the ideal bahu.

She tells her how she welcomed her home the first time she came home. She also adds that for her Preeti is a daughter more than a bahu. She finally asks Preeti that for us give up this business ideas. Preeti says you both are like parents to me infact more than that. Preeti says I can do anything for you both. Then Preeti adds that but you both have to understand I am not doing this for my freedom but for my self respect.

She makes them understand that what should a mother do if her son tells him that his mother knows how to spend money and not earn a single penny. What should a mother do if her son says this house is mine as I pay for the loan and kicks you out. What should a mother do if her son tells her she has no respect of her own as she has no identity. To this her Bua saas is silent.

Rati again pretends and says how she had a good image of Preeti but now she is fighting with her own son. Preeti then corrects her that I am not fighting with Tarun, this is my own battle. She explains that you will understand when you have a child and he or she instead of respecting you they will disrespect you and ill treat you, atlast no matter what a mother can never harm her kids.

Preeti then says how in this difficult times, she got a friend like Kusum and a family like this of Juhi. This family has given me respect and love. I will always be grateful to them and will make sure that I contribute to their family.

Tarun screams at her and says you were, are and always will be a housewife. Kusum comes and shouts at him as how her mother made her a man and brought him to this world, today he is saying all this. She says how every part of your body and organ is because of her, she gave you 25 years and always loved you and still is but what did you give her.

Kusum shows her situation where her kids respect her and gives love to her and that is why she doesn’t have to go out for earning respect but Preeti has a son who is disrespectful that’s why Preeti has to work, so the mistake is of Tarun. She asks Bua saas to look at Tarun and his behaviour. Kusum also adds how a housewife takes care of everything irrespective of day or weekends and doesn’t get paid.

Preeti requests bua saas to give her one chance, she will never let anyone point fingers at them. The inlaws are almost convinced. Here Rati asks Tarun to say something or else everything will be in favour of Preeti. Just when Bua saas is about to give a yes to Preeti, Tarun shouts and says I will give you 25 days to prove yourself, If 4 people say that yes Shaadi Mubarak is great then I will also consider it. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kusum and Juhi asks Preeti not to accept the challenge as 25 days are not enough. Tarun is provoking her.

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