Shaadi Mubarak 30th September 2020 Written Update: How far will Tarun go to make Preeti accept his challenge?

Shaadi Mubarak 30th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tarun challenging Preeti of 25 days. Kusum and Juhi say that business can’t be set up in 25 days and asks her not to accept. Preeti says it took me 25 years to become a mother, bahu, etc then how can busines happen in 25 days. She says she will not accept the challenge. To this, Tarun says I will lose my voice if you dont accept my challenge.

Few years back you did so much for my voice but now I will lose it because the society will taunt me. Kusum says this is blackmailing and asks Preeti not to listen. Bua saas says that bahu you should atleast think about your son. Preeti feels pressurised and concerned for Tarun hence she says yes. Tarun ties the knot in a saree and says i will open these 25 knots everyday infront of you to remind you that days are passing. He also adds that he is sure she will fail in this challenge and will have to return to his house with his rules ans then she can’t rebel. Preeti is upset.

Here, at KT’s house they are dancing and enjoying a day with family. KT’s mom says how in middle class family son and mothers are ashamed of each other and pull each other down and gives example of Preeti. KT says a mother can never be called names as she kept a child in her womb for 9 months, she could also have dropped the child but they didn’t. He adds that a child should be ashamed not of his or her mother but because of the fact that they ill treated her. Everyone in family agrees to KT’s perspective.

At Kusum’s house, Preeti is video calling Kusum and saying how she misses her and asks why she went back so soon. Kusum says here my relative’s health is still not good so that’s why but seeing you made me also feel happy. Kusum then says you should have let your son go voiceless anyway he just speaks ill and defames other. Preeti says being a mother I can never let that happen, I might have left that house but I can never take out Tarun from my life, he is part of me. Kusum then says how she thinks that Preeti is Rajasthan’s mother in law.

Preeti laughs at it. Preeti then tells Kusum that it’s because of her and Juhi’s support she has come this far and thinks of fighting a fight not against Tarun but against myself. Preeti also says I am fighting but you and Juhi are my weapon and shield who are protecting me and helping me fight. She adds that if they both are with Preeti then she can fight this challenge of 25 days too.

Precap – Priyanka’s marriage duty is given to Shadi Mubarak. Rati asks Tarun to befriend Priyanka so that she gives them information about their rival. Preeti is hopeful about this new work.