Shaadi Mubarak 7th November 2020 Written Update: Bua dadi seeks help from kt to honour preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 7th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT saying to Baldev that everyone have different prospectives and takes out his pants to wear in haldi while Baldev says kt can’t wear pants reminding him of his plan that all mens will wear same outfit along with ladies wearing same sarees and further gives dhoti to KT asking him to wear, KT says he doesn’t know how to wrap dhoti while Baldev show him how to do it.

Ladies were praising Preeti for the arrangements while she says it’s her work to make family happy and event memorable, Preeti opens her laptop to work while village ladies asks her that if she knows how to use it?

To which Preeti says that she learned to operate it recently only while Bua sa ask Preeti to teach her also, kusum tells about preeti’s office to which Suman says that preeti had done a lot of things after going to town and gets sad about herself not being able to move from village life to which Preeti says that by sending her kids to study in abroad suman have already done a great thing and further continues that she herself started doing these things only to get her dignity and respect back and now is happy that she got it, at that time Rati throws a vessel down disturbing their talks and says it happened by mistake to which Bua sa nods and ask her to pick it up.

KT struggles to wear dhoti while Bua sa comes there and laughs seeing him, she then says that she wants to surprise Preeti and ask him to write a speech for her as she wants to honour Preeti, kt gets happy and ask her to tell what she wants to say in speech so that he can point everything nicely, Bua dadi starts praising preeti’s nature and values, while KT feels guilty about hiding the truth of his marriage life from preeti.

Rati taunts that Kt is the boss of Shaadi mubarak not preeti, to which kusum says in partnership noone is greater or lesser then other, if KT is brain then Preeti is heart of Shaadi mubarak. Suman ask Preeti about her experience of working with KT, to which Preeti smiles and tells all the good things about his character and further says how good son, husband, father and partner he is, while KT hears it hiding behind the door, Suman ask Preeti if she had met his wife?

To which Preeti denies saying they his wife lives in London along with her childrens so she havent met her. Kusum tells how heartbroken she was when KT got married but after seeing his happy face she somehow consoled herself, she further says that kt loves his wife to an extent, Kt thinks how he doesn’t like if anyone lies to him and here he only lied to Preeti.

At that time Preeti gets a call from cook, she moves to see him and Kt follows her, she goes to kitchen to instruct the cook while he leaves, Preeti sees the tap water leaking and tries to fix it, kT comes in front of her and says he wants to tell her something, Preeti gets tensed and ask him to leave but he didn’t obliged, in this process the tap comes out and water splashed making Preeti-Kt drenched, kt comes forward and takes her hair tie to block the water (ik tara plays),

kt says he wants to talk something important to her while Preeti hears footsteps sound and hides behind shelf thinking if someone sees them like this then will surely doubt their relation, as the foot steps faded Preeti comes out and begs kt to go from there but he says he won’t without talking to her and is about to continue when someone locked the door of the kitchen,

Preeti panicks and ask kt to go out through the ventilator while KT denies saying he doesn’t agree with her thoughts as they haven’t done anything wrong to which Preeti says it’s not hers but village thinking and people have to adjust as per the surrounding, she continues that she doesn’t want her in laws to point finger on her character while KT agrees to go only for her. Rati complains to her mother about village problems when KT jumped out of kitchen making Rati startled, she questioned him about jumping out like this! While KT gets freezed.

Precap:- kt tries to tell Preeti about the truth of his wife but couldn’t able to find her as all the ladies were in same attire, he then notices a lady wearing same bangles as Preeti and drags her to a side thinking her to be Preeti, he tells her about his wife leaving him for her lover after 2 years of marriage but gets shocked seeing Preeti standing with Bua dadi.

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