Shaadi Mubarak 8th February 2021 Written Update: Preeti demands for a divorce from KT

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Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT and Preeti plans to find about Neel's truth

Shaadi Mubarak 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT bringing Neel dressed up in groom’s attire inside the temple while Preeti brings Priyanka in bride’s attire. KT and Preeti smiles looking at them while Priyanka taunts Neel asking him to be fully sure about his decision of marrying her. Neel looks at her with guilty eyes and holds his ears doing sit ups asking sorry from her. She smiles and hugs him while he embraces her protectively. Preeti chuckles and imagines KT apologizing to her in same manner.

Priyanka cries in front of Preeti remembering Kusum while Preeti promises her that Kusum will come for her marriage and will do the rituals too. Priyanka and Neel starts the procedure for marriage. Preeti shares her worry with KT that whether their family will accept Neel and Priyanka’s marriage or not? While KT assures her.

She goes to a side and calls Kusum.
Kusum gets frustrated seeing her video call and scolds her after picking it up. She warns Preeti not to call her again when Preeti declares that she will not be able to see Priyanka’s marriage of she cuts the call. Kusum gets stunned and ask about Priyanka, She blames Preeti and KT for making her daughter run away while Preeti replies that Priyanka is following Kusum’s footsteps only. KT reveals about how he disguised himself to make Priyanka elope while Kusum looks at them being stunned.

On the other side in Tibrewal’s mansion everyone gets tensed on not finding KT and Preeti inside the house. They keeps trying their number being worried.

Kusum comes to the temple while Preeti and KT stops her. Preeti tells her about the truth while she keeps demanding to meet Priyanka. Preeti tries to convince her for Neel and Priyanka’s marriage and says that not everyone is lucky to get love in their life while KT looks at her.

KT joins his hands requesting Kusum to agree, He indirectly tells how hard is it to live when a person can’t able to love someone while Preeti stares at him. Kusum says that she wants her daughter to have a bright future while they keeps trying to make her understand but she runs inside ignoring them.

Neel and Priyanka gets up seeing Kusum while she faces Neel and then move towards Priyanka. She looks at her while Priyanka gets teary eyes. Kusum makes them sit “Folk song plays” and does their gathbandhan making Preeti and KT smile. Kusum apologized to Preeti for the way she have reacted and blessed both of them with love in their life. She hugs Preeti happily.

Priyanka and Neel takes rounds while Preeti and KT too recites their promises of marriage. Preeti gets moisty eyes and sarcastically says that their marriage is perfect. At that time priest declares Priyanka and Neel to be husband and wife.

Preeti looks at KT and reminds him about his words that a marriage is meaningless without love while he looks on. She demands for divorce while he gets their marriage flashes. He agrees for her demand saying that he have forcefully married her so it will be her decision to end the marriage. He looks at her with teary eyes while she wipes her tears.

KT and Preeti takes Neel and Priyanka to Tibrewal mansion while everyone gets shocked seeing them. Sneha cries and questions Neel about his decision. KT ask Preeti to take Neel and Priyanka inside and looks at the family members saying that he will answer their questions. After a while Preeti return back while Neelima blames her for marrying Neel with Priyanka only to protect her friendship with Kusum.

Precap:- Neelima shouts at Preeti and KT stating that life runs with money and not love. She ask from where they will arrange 40 crores within 15days? To which Preeti and KT replies that they will get the money from Shaadi Mubarak. Preeti says that they will surely protect their family’s reputation while everyone looks on.

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