Shaadi Mubarak: Foorti gets labour pain

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Shaadi Mubarak have managed to keep the audiences curious and hooked to their television screens with its twist and turns in the storyline. In the earlier episode Preeti witnesses KT’s breakdown and ask him to let his emotions out. He cries in her embrace while she boost him with positive hopes. She reminds him about how strong she is and states that they both can do anything if they are together. She gives example of how they have made their business successful and states that they both will fight against the cancer. She takes him away and imagines her future with their baby while KT ignores it coping up with the pain he felt after seeing Preeti’s condition.

Later on KT helps Preeti to get ready for the operation, They both shares an emotional moment while she holds his hand assuringly. Nurse brings the stretcher for Preeti while KT carefully places her onto it. Juhi and her husband comes to see Preeti while she comforts them too. At that time Priyanka calls KT and informs him about Foorti’s labour pain. He ask her to keep updating him while she nods. Preeti pressurize KT to go to Foorti but he denies. He states that he will be with her during her operation while she gives him her swear and forces him to go.

He reluctantly moves from there while doctor takes Preeti inside the operation theatre. KT ask Kushala to take care of Preeti while she promises to do so and assures that Preeti will surely get fine. On the other side doctor informs about the complications of Foorti’s delivery to the Tibrewals while they gets shocked. At that time KT comes there. Priyanka and Sneha tries to calm Foorti as she experiences severe pain. Preeti keeps praying for Foorti and the baby and request doctors to delay her operation as she wishes to see her baby first before proceeding. She prays for KT also understanding his situation.

Now in the upcoming episode KT will hold his baby with teary eyes while Tibrewals gets excited seeing him with the baby. He states that the baby looks exactly like Preeti and says that he will soon unite the baby with Preeti. On the other side Preeti’s health gets complicated while doctors tries their best to save her life.

Will Preeti survive? Will Preeti be able to see her baby? What will KT do when he gets to know about Preeti’s condition? How KT will handle the situation?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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