Shaadi Mubarak: Kirti comforts KT seeing his emotional break down

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is engaging the huge amount of audiences with its gripping storyline filled with twists and turns. In the earlier episode Kushala ask KT to bring Preeti back while he break down telling about her family and daughter. Kushala consoles him while Kirti comes there and gets worried seeing her father crying. She comforts him and goes to bring his chocolate shake. KT says that he can’t force Preeti and determines to be with her all the time even if he have stay apart from her. KT keeps staring at Preeti and hears the conversation between her and Vishal.

Vishal forces his daughter to go to a small school and scolds Preeti for brainwashing his daughter’s mind. Preeti gets inside her room along with little Preeti and jumps down the window. They both runs away in order to collect the money for little Preeti’s school fees while KT follows them. Little Preeti says that Vishal will get angry while Preeti worries about it and curses KT for being responsible for their problems. KT hears her and organizes a “Golgappa Eating Competition” in order to help Preeti with money.

On the other side Vishal gets angry on not finding Preeti and his daughter in their room and starts searching for them. Preeti gets elated seeing the huge prize money for the Competition and participates in it. Vishal comes there and scolds Preeti while she tells him about the Competition. He decides to participate against Preeti while KT tries to throw him out of the Competition but fails to do it. KT encourages Preeti from aside while she determines herself to win it for little Preeti.

Now in the upcoming episode Vishal will loose his patience and ask Preeti to leave his house. He forcefully drags her towards the door and throws her out while she keeps begging him to let her stay. She reminds him about the promise of Shikha and cries saying that she can’t go leaving little Preeti. Vishal gets furious and separates her from his daughter. He shuts the door on Preeti’s face while she cries sitting on the bench. KT comes there and forwards his handkerchief to her. She looks at him while both shares an eye lock.

Will Preeti win the competition? Will her opinions change about KT? How KT will turn her hate to love for himself? How Preeti will get back to little Preeti?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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