Shaadi Mubarak: Kirti misbehaves with Preeti

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The intriguing storyline of Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences curious and hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode Kirti misbehaves with Preeti while Preeti gets shocked seeing her behaviour. She snatches Kirti’s keychain in order to make her clean the mess. Kirti reluctantly cleans the floor while students laughs at her and later on she complains about Preeti to KT. He gets furious and oaths to rusticate that lady.

On the other side Preeti happily reveals about the admission news to little Preeti making her smile and later on celebrates with her while Vishal taunts her for manipulating his daughter against him. Kirti sees little Preeti with Mohi/Preeti and plans to take her revenge. She pour the slime on the floor in order to make little Preeti fall but little Preeti stops before putting her foot on the slime. Kirti pushes her making her tiffin fall and ask her to clean it. She mocks about Preeti/Mohi while little Preeti gets angry and replies her back. Kirti falls down due to the slime and her friends laughs at her.

At that time Preeti comes there and gets worried about Kirti meanwhile Kirti blames little Preeti for her condition. Kirti’s skirt also gets torn while Preeti feels sympathy towards her knowing about her being motherless. She stiches Kirti’s skirt and tries to help her but Kirti denies to take her help. On the other side KT complains about Preeti to the principal and strictly warns her to rusticate the lady. Principal calls Mohi/Preeti inside her cabin while KT goes from there. Preeti gets furious after being rusticated from the school while little Preeti tries to calm her.

Shikha’s mother taunts her and Vishal gives her ultimatum to find some solution to pay little Preeti’s school fees or else he will take her out of the school. Preeti ask for Kirti’s father’s number and determines herself to teach him a lesson. Vishal goes inside Tibrewal’s house in order to work while Kushala ask him to remove all the stuffs from store room. KT sees him and ask him to leave the box as it contains Preeti’s photographs but Kushala ask him throw it. Vishal does as per Kushala’s saying making KT furious and they both falls into an argument. Vishal goes from there while KT shouts at Kushala for trying to separate him from Preeti. She tries to make him understand that Preeti is no more while he stays adamant stating that she will surely come back.

Now in the upcoming episode Preeti will come inside Tibrewal house while her face gets covered with holi colours. On the other side KT celebrates holi with Kirti and feels Preeti’s presence. He starts searching for her and spots her. He gets emotional and keeps staring her while someone throws water on Preeti’s face removing the colour. Everyone gets happy seeing Preeti while she pushes KT and goes from there furiously.

What KT will do after seeing Preeti? Why Preeti came to Tibrewal mansion? Will Kirti accept Preeti as her mother? What destiny have planned for Preeti and KT?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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