Shaadi Mubarak: KT acts to be in love with Nandini

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Star Plus popular show Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences hooked to their television screens with the fascinating twist and turns. In the earlier episode Preeti warns KT about Nandini keeping an eye on them and says that they have to be careful to know about her motive. She declares the bathroom to be their secret place as there is no camera, while KT appreciates her and suggest her to open a detective agency.

She scolds him for cracking jokes and was about to go when she slipped but KT rescued her in the nick of time and they both shared an eyelock. She ask him to leave the room as they can’t stay together while he does as she told and left from there. Nandini smirks seeing them separate and gets confirmed that they had a real fight. On the other side Neel goes to meet Priyanka while Kusum welcomes him in, she confronted him about his love for Priyanka and ask if he can take stand for her? He remains silent while she ask him to meet Priyanka only when he is ready to accept her in front of everyone.

Tibrewal’s stands for the family photoshoot without Preeti but she comes there and pushes Nandini, Preeti stands in between KT and Nandini and introduces herself as Mrs. Tibrewal and ask the photographer to click their pictures. Later on she feeds sweets to Neelima while a guy dressed in groom’s attire comes there showing his interest to marry Nandini while Preeti told that she had given an article for Nandini’s marriage, KT remembers how they have planned everything while the groom irritated Nandini.

KT sends him away and shouts at Preeti for doing all this, he says that he still loves Nandini while Preeti remembers how she convinced him to do this. She fakes her cry and says that she doesn’t care whom he loves but she won’t let anyone snatch her rights of being his wife and leaves from there. KT confronts Nandini about his love while Arjun gets happy, Preeti sees them and thinks that Nandini will surely get trapped in their plan and signals to KT while he looks on.

Now in the upcoming episode KT and Preeti gets inside the bathroom while he reminds her about bathroom being their secret place, she smiles and informs him that she wants to tell something when Nandini comes inside their room and knocks on the bathroom door asking KT to open it! She questions with whom is he talking? While KT signals to Preeti and both gets freezed to their place.

Will Nandini gets doubt on Preeti and KT? Will Preeti be able to trap Nandini? What is the real motive of Nandini?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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