Shaadi Mubarak: KT denies to perform Preeti’s funeral

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is gearing up for some major twist in the storyline. In the earlier episode Kushala tries to convince KT for Preeti’s funeral while he objects it. He states that Preeti is alive and ask Kushala to behave normally. He decides to conduct his daughter’s naming ceremony and the whole Tibrewal house gets decorated. Everyone gets happy seeing KT and his daughter’s bond while KT names her as “Keerti”. On the other side Shikha and Vishal also conducts their baby’s naming ceremony while Shikha gives her baby to Preeti/Mohi as she starts crying.

Preeti soothes the baby making Shikha admire their bond. She makes Preeti/Mohi sits beside her during the ceremony even when Vishal objected. Shikha names her daughter as “Preeti”. Later on Vishal’s mother ask him to go to temple along with his daughter and Shikha. They reaches the temple while Shikha feels dizzy. Vishal holds her being concerned. Later on he goes up and ask Preeti/Mohi to get the plate from the car. Shikha stops her as the baby starts crying being apart from Preeti/Mohi. Shikha herself goes to get the plate even when Preeti objected. She feels dizzy and suddenly a truck hits her.

Preeti runs towards Shikha and gets shocked seeing her lying in the pool of blood. Shikha seeks promise from Preeti/Mohi to take care of her daughter while Preeti nods assuring her. Vishal comes there and blames Preeti/Mohi for his wife’s death. He snatches his baby from her while Preeti takes the baby back stating that she have promised Shikha to take care of her daughter. She cries looking at baby while the baby holds her fingers. On the other side KT’s family performs Preeti’s funeral while KT comes there and gets furious. He removes the garland from Preeti’s portrait and stops the rituals. He scolds his family stating that Preeti is alive and will surely come back because she never breaks her promises.

Now in the upcoming episode the show will take 5 years of leap. KT becomes an RJ and stays happily with his daughter Keerti while on the other side Preeti/Mohi gets up hearing KT’s voice in the radio and smiles seeing Vishal and Shikha’s daughter little Preeti. On the other side KT stays adamant on his statement about Preeti and says that one day she will surely come back while Kushala stares at him.

What new phase will destiny brings in KT and Preeti’s life. How will they meet eachother? Will Preeti be able to recognise him? Will Vishal give his daughter to Preeti/Mohi?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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