Shaadi Mubarak: KT gets trapped inside the burning temple

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Star Plus’s popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences curious with its high voltage drama. In the earlier episode, Nandini reveals that she has used Arjun only for revenge while he gets heartbroken. Nandini manipulates KT to suicide reminding him about all the betrayals while he loses his balance and blabbers to end his life.

Preeti shuts Nandini up and tries to console KT but he keeps muttering about suicide. Media people gets excited seeing all the drama and covers it to publish. Sushant shares his worry about KT to Shivaj while he looks on. Preeti ask KT to be strong and reminds him about all the good things, She takes him inside the temple and keeps ringing the bell while he holds her hand as it starts bleeding. She tries to make him understand but he stays silent.

Nandini again comes there to provoke KT but Preeti defends him. She faces Nandini warning her to stay away from him but Nandini smirks remembering about the liquid bottle she have putted inside KT’s pocket which catches fire rapidly. KT stares into the holy fire when the bottle drops into it making a huge explosion. KT gets unconscious as well as a stand falls onto his legs. Everyone gets shocked seeing KT stuck inside the burning temple and screams his name. Nandini gathers the media and ask them to cover KT’s suicide story. Preeti gets inside the temple to save KT and tries to make him stand, She sees the fire spreading and moves out to bring a blanket.

Nandini blocks her way holding a fire stick but Tarun comes to Preeti’s rescue and fights with Nandini. Preeti goes inside the temple and brings KT out safely while Nandini pushes Tarun and the fire stick falls onto his hand making it burn. Nandini holds Arjun captive while KT shouts at her asking to leave him. He somehow saves Arjun from Nandini and states that from now on Arjun will be his son.

Now in the upcoming episode KT will call the police to handover Nandini to them. He warns her to never come back in their life while she says that she won’t let him forget her so easily and will come back for her revenge. Later on Preeti smiles with happy tears hugging Arjun and Tarun being satisfied with her fortune for giving both her sons back while KT smiles seeing her bond. Sneha taunts Neelima that neither Arjun nor Tarun have Tibrewal’s blood and ask Neelima that what she will do now? While Neelima looks on being silent.

Will Neelima accept Arjun and Tarun? What she will do now? Will Nandini again come back to accomplish her revenge? Will KT start loving Preeti?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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