Shaadi Mubarak: KT to disguise himself in front of Preeti

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The intriguing storyline of Shaadi Mubarak, is keeping the audiences hooked to their television screens.

In the current track, KT executes his plan to convince Preeti to join Shaadi Mubarak. He cooks up an emotional story, about his financial condition in front of her. She feels sympathy for him and insists to meet him. He shows her a fake house and introduces with his faux uncle, whereas she commiserate with him. He portrays himself helpless. Preeti gets irate upon KT, for terminating Keertan from the job and decides to confront him.

Elsewhere, Kirti troubles little Preeti. She ruins her uniform, in order to restrict her from taking part in the play. Little Preeti complains about her to the teacher, whereas Kirti defends herself. Teacher penalized both of them. Later,
Principal calls their parents; while KT ask Kushala to visit the school as he was busy. Kushala and Vishal comes face-to-face and inculpate one another. Principal proclaims to announce the result afterwards, regarding the play and ask them to leave.

Preeti violently gets inside Shaadi Mubarak, while KT meets her being disguised. She rebuke him and command to take Keertan back. He keeps a condition and demands her to join the office. She accepts it to help Keertan. Later, she gaily apprise Keertan about it, while he expresses his gratitude towards her. He tries to convince her about KT being a nice person, whereas she gets into thinking.

Now in the upcoming episode, KT will contemplate about his and Preeti’s fate. He will state that, he always believed about Preeti being alive. He will narrate his plan to bring her close and wonders whether she will be able to love Keertan or will go far from him after knowing the truth?

Will KT be able to get Preeti’s love? How will he hide the truth from her? Who will get “Princess” role in the play? Will Vishal get successful in his plan?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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