Shaadi Mubarak: Nandini emotionally blackmails KT

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The intriguing storyline of star plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is serving viewers with loats of twists and drama which are keeping them hooked to television screens with curiosity. In the earlier episode audience have witnessed how everyone gets shocked seeing Nandini as bride and Arjun’s mother while Kusum doubts her intentions and tries to tell her opinion to KT as she thinks he is soft hearted and could be easily manipulated by Nandini but Preeti stopped her advicing not to interfere in their personal matter, she further says that it’s best if KT ask all his questions as then only he can put a fullstop to his past life, Kusum declares that Nandini will only cause misery to KT while Preeti prays for his happiness.

KT’s family looks at Nandini and remembers how she betrayed him, his father was about to throw her out when Neelima stopped him showing Arjun and gets emotional addressing him as their grandchild while Arjun looks at them with longing eyes. On the other side Nandini and KT keeps looking at each other when Nandini breaks the silence and ask KT to accept her as she have already payed for her deeds in these 17years while KT shouts at her that he can’t trust her after what she did and says that she could have come directly to him if she wanted to apologise but she have just created another drama by planning for the wedding, he remembers how much she and Arjun lied to him to hide her identity, He joins his hands and ask her to leave as he can only see betrayal on her face while Nandini keeps doing her emotional drama, KT drags her but Arjun stops him holding his legs and begs to accept them while Nandini smirks that KT will surely melt by Arjun’s words. She brings vermilion box and ask KT to fill her hairline and complete their family but he denies to accept Arjun as his son and ask that why she didn’t told about him earlier?

She replies that she tries to contact them but no one picked her call and so she raised Arjun by herself but came back as he needed his father while Arjun goes to Neelima and ask her to say something, she pours her love to him and ask KT to accept them while kusum along with other family members stands against it. At that time Sheena tells Preeti about the havoc media people were creating and she rushes to stop them but they replies that they wants to cover KT’s remarriage story, Preeti gets worried for KT and shouts at press to move back while Nandini keeps waiting for Media.

Now in the upcoming episode viewers will see Nandini forwarding vermilion box to KT asking him to remarry her and starts a new life together forgetting the past while he looks at her and takes a pinch of sindoor making her happy but moves towards preeti and fills her hairline shocking everyone while shivraj gets happy.

So how will Preeti react and how KT will justify his decision? Will it break the friendship bond between Preeti and KT or will it bring them more close? And most importantly what Nandini will do now?

It will be really fascinating to see what happens next on the show.

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