Shaadi Mubarak: Neelima emotionally manipulates Neel

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The intriguing storyline of Shaadi Mubarak has kept the audiences hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode Preeti tries to confess her feelings to KT through a radio show but as the host announces Preeti’s name, KT moves out of the car to meet his fans. Preeti tries to stop him but all her efforts goes in vain.

Later on she decorates the board beautifully inside KT’s cabin to make him understand her feelings but he thought it to be a gift from his fan. Preeti corrects him saying that she have made it while he appreciates her for such creative ideas and misunderstood that she have made it to impress the clients. Preeti gets disheartened seeing her plans getting flopped.

On the other side Neelima emotionally manipulates Neel and ask him to marry Shikha while he reluctantly agreed to leave Priyanka and marry Shikha just to protect the family from the loss. Priyanka calls Neel but he didn’t receives her call making her worried while Kusum teases her but later on told that Neelima agreed for her alliance but wants them to wait till Neel gets settled in the bussiness field. Kusum also informs Priyanka about the family gathering in which Preeti have invited them.

Neelima praises Preeti for her idea and says that KT loves such a filmy way of confession. They makes team start singing competition and enjoys teasing each other. At that time Kusum along with Priyanka comes there and KT immediately makes his team with Kusum. Neel avoids Priyanka while Preeti decides to confess her feelings for KT through the song and smiles looking at him.

Now in the upcoming episode KT will encourage Preeti to sing while she declares that she wants to put forward her heart feelings through the song. She goes towards KT and holds his hand. She looks at his eyes intensely and sings “Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai” while he gets frozen to his place.

What will be KT’s reaction to Preeti’s confession? Will KT able to understand Preeti’s feelings? Will Preeti able to unite Neel and Priyanka? How will Priyanka react after knowing about Neel’s decision?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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