Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti and KT’s hit and miss moment

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The intriguing storyline of Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode KT breaks down as he couldn’t able to find Preeti while Kushala feels pity seeing his condition and tries to comfort him but he shouts at her asking her to bring his Preeti back. He screams Preeti’s name being shattered. On the other side Shikha thinks about Preeti’s family and ask Vishal to find about them. She tries to get the information from Preeti but fails. Preeti stares at her baby bump making Shikha smile. They both grows attached to one another in a short period of time. Police informs about the dead bodies to Juhi and KT asking them to see the belongings of the dead persons.

KT denies to accept Preeti to be dead while Juhi gets Preeti’s card and her ring. She cries while KT stays adamant on his statement. He goes out and sits on the bench trying to hold his emotions while Preeti comes there along with Shikha and Vishal. She sees him and goes away while Shikha tries to find information about Preeti’s family. Nurse says that all the records got burned while Shikha tells them the cabin number where she have seen Preeti and ask them about the patient’s detail. One nurse informs them about some other patient stating that her family left her in the hospital after learning about her disease while Shikha feels pity on Preeti’s state.

She decides to keep Preeti along with them. KT ask to publish Preeti’s pictures on the newspapers and moves out of the hospital while Preeti along with Vishal and Shikha also comes out. Preeti’s handkerchief flies away and covers KT’s face while his phone slips down. Preeti picks the phone up and goes towards KT. She was about to give it to him when she sees Shikha in pain and runs towards her keeping the phone on bench. KT turns around feeling Preeti’s presence but miss to see her as she goes away in the car along with Shikha and Vishal.

Now in the upcoming episode Shikha will fall down and gets heavily injured. She will give her baby to Preeti and ask her to love her like a mother. She seek promise from Preeti to take care of her baby while Preeti nods with teary eyes. On the other side KT stops his family members to perform Preeti’s last rights and states that she is alive. He says that Preeti never breaks her promise and will surely come back to them. Vishal comes to the scene and gets shocked seeing Shikha. He snatches his baby from Preeti and warns her to stay away from the baby while Preeti says that she have promised Shikha to take care of the baby.

What more problems will KT and Preeti face? When they will get unite? Will Preeti remember her past life? How KT will handle himself?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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