Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti falls into Nandini’s emotional trap

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The gripping storyline of Star Plus’s popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak has kept the audiences entertained. In the previous episode, KT took the blame on himself to protect Preeti while she takes it back to save him, they keep on doing this while Nandini stopped them and confessed that nobody pushed her as she had slipped herself from the stairs, while the inspector scolded her for wasting their time and goes from there giving her a warning.

Shivraj shouts at Nandini while she says that she can’t even imagine hurting Keertan and that is why confessed her mistake, she keeps apologizing to KT. Later on she thinks about some new plan to throw Preeti out of Keertan’s life but at that time she sees Preeti entering her room and started acting, she slapped Arjun asking why he didn’t stop her from making the mistake of calling the police and cries with fake tears that she only want Tibrewal’s forgiveness, she then states that they will go back to Singapore while Arjun tries to convince her saying he wants both his parents and KT only loves her, she agrees to it saying she knows KT loves her more than anything but won’t confess as he is angry and makes Arjun understand that it’s better to go from his life.

Preeti goes from there and remembers KT’s confession about Nandini, she decided to unite them with a heavy heart and had an emotional breakdown. She confronted Nandini stating that she will help her to get unite with KT while Nandini asks if she will leave this house? To which Preeti nods saying she will after getting KT and her together while Nandini smirks.

KT shares his worry about Arjun to his mother while she tries to console him, Preeti hears their conversation and goes to Arjun! He ignores her but gets attentive hearing about KT. She brings him down towards KT while he apologized to him for calling police and hugged KT tightly, KT forgives him. Preeti smiles seeing their bond and gets determined to give back all the happiness to KT by uniting his family.

Now in the upcoming episode, Preeti will ask KT and Nandini to go for an interview for Arjun’s admission while Nandini shares about this with Rati, she warns Nandini to be aware of Preeti while Nandini smirks saying that Preeti won’t ditch her. Preeti gives her promise to KT and makes him agree to go along with Nandini. Preeti happily informed Nandini that KT is ready to go to the interview. Later on KT and Nandini reach College and waits for the interview to start, at that time Nandini sees the principal and gets shocked! She tries to hide from him.

Will Preeti be able to know the real intention of Nandini? Will Preeti be able to get out of Nandini’s emotional trap? What KT will do after knowing about Preeti’s plan?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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