Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti suffers memory loss after the operation

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is engaging the audiences with its major twist in the storyline. In the earlier episode doctor takes Foorti inside the operation theatre while Preeti, KT along with their family keeps praying for her. Doctor informs KT about Foorti’s complications and plans to conduct operation. On the other side Preeti feels her baby’s pain and starts panicking. Doctor tries to calm her as her heart rate increases. She closes her eyes and continues praying for Foorti and the baby. KT gets tensed and imagines Preeti there. She comforts him singing a lullaby while Foorti delivers a baby girl. KT gets elated seeing his baby and ask doctor if he can take the baby to his wife? To which doctor denies reasoning the preterm birth.

Doctor says that they have to keep the baby in observation while KT boost the baby with motivation. He states that the baby is of Preeti and so is a fighter just like her mother. On the other side doctor starts with Preeti’s operation while KT keeps asking Kushala about it. Juhi worries for Preeti’s health while KT informs them about the baby girl making them elated. Preeti’s condition gets critical but doctors tries their best to save her life. Kushala lies to KT about Preeti being all fine after the operation and then breaks down in front of Juhi. Doctors brings Preeti out of operation theatre while she stares at Juhi and Kushala.

They ask her about her health while she keeps staring them making them confuse. Doctor ask them to come inside her cabin and takes KT on video call. She informs them about all the complications they have faced during Preeti’s surgery and says that Preeti have lost all her memories. KT gets shocked and denies to accept it stating that Preeti can ever forget him but doctor warns them not to pressurize Preeti to regain her memory as it can cause danger to her life. KT gets shattered and then goes towards his baby. He says that he will soon unite her with Preeti and ask her to stay strong. Kushala and Juhi cries seeing Preeti’s state.

Now in the upcoming episode KT will come to visit Preeti along with their baby girl but he gets shocked seeing the hospital burning in fire. He spots Juhi and questions her about Preeti. She looks clueless and panics about her mother while KT handovers the baby to Kushala and tries to get inside the hospital but guards restricts him from going inside. He shouts Preeti’s name while she walks around the hospital staring everything. She faces problem in walking and winces in pain while outside KT cries thinking about her.

Will Preeti recognize KT? Will KT be able to save Preeti? Will Preeti ever regain her memory? How KT will take care of their baby?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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