Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti tears the divorce papers

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Star Plus’s popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is engaging the audiences with its gripping storyline filled with twists and turns. In the earlier episode, Preeti traps Nandini in her plan by keeping her phone inside the money suitcase which Nandini had stolen. Nandini asks her to sign the divorce papers in order to save Juhi and Preeti agrees to it.

Nandini gives divorce papers to Preeti in front of everyone while Preeti says that she lost her phone and ask everyone to find it, Sneha calls in her mobile while Shushant brings the suitcase bag from Nandini’s car saying that the phone is ringing inside it. KT opens it while everyone gasps in shock seeing the money. Preeti exposes Nandini’s evil plan to all and tears the divorce papers in front of her. She faces Neelima and says that values don’t come from money and hugs Juhi.

Later on, KT praises Preeti for the way she handled the issue while she asks him to be aware of Nandini, she informed him that she is going to meet the Principal and ask him to meet her afterward while he addressed her as his lucky charm. On the other side Nandini warns Principal making him scared, at that time Preeti comes there while Nandini hides behind the shelf. Preeti tries to convince the Principal to tell the truth but he kept his mouth sealed. Later on Preeti shares her worry about Nandini’s motive to KT while he also gets tensed about Nandini’s dangerous plan. He says that he is going to throw Nandini out of the house as he can’t take risks! To which Preeti reminds him that they are doing all this to expose Nandini’s real face in front of Arjun to make him stay with them. She questions the reason for Nandini’s coming back in KT’s life after 17 long years while on the other side Nandini stands in front of KT’s portrait saying that he can never find her motive.

In the upcoming episode Preeti will ask KT that why Nandini wants to marry him in such a hurry? She questions that what could be her plan in it? While on the other side Nandini removes the clothes from KT’s potraits and says that marrying him is the first step for her revenge. Preeti gets worried saying what revenge Nandini wants to take from KT after 17 years? Meanwhile Nandini says that KT will end his life as he will surely suicide.

Will Preeti be able to save KT’s life? What Arjun will do when he will find the truth about Nandini? Will Nandini succeed in her plan?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show

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