Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti to win the competition

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The intriguing storyline of Star Plus daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences curious with its twist and turns. In the earlier episode, Vishal participates against Preeti in the competition and later on mixes chili inside her bowl in order to make her lose. Preeti determines herself to win for little Preeti’s sake and KT along with little Preeti keeps cheering for her. Later on judge declares Preeti as the winner and gives her the prize money, KT forwards her water without being notice. She gives the check to Vishal while he throws it making her shock. The check gets wet falling inside the water while little Preeti panics seeing it but Preeti assures her.

KT witnesses the scenario and goes towards Vishal. He confront him about cheating in the competition while Vishal misbehaves with him. He talks ill about Preeti while KT warns him and both gets into a fight. Later on little Preeti brings Vishal’s Dhol in order to cheer Preeti’s mood while she remembers the flashback where Vishal decides to never touch his Dhol after Shikha’s death. She takes it away from little Preeti asking her to keep it away. At that time Vishal comes there and gets furious seeing Preeti/Mohi holding the Dhol. He blames her for all the misery and throws her out of his house. She begs him reminding about Shikha’s promise but he shuts the door on her face and locks his daughter inside the room.

On the other side Preeti breakdown while KT comes to her and comforts her. She pours her anger in front of God’s idol while KT tells about his trust issues with the God. Preeti makes him understand about God’s plan and both sits on the stairs. KT tries to cheer her up while she notices his wounded hand and treats it. She says that he is always there with her when she is in trouble while he consider it to be a mere coincidence. Later on he gets shocked learning about Preeti and Vishal’s relationship. She informs him about Shikha’s death along with her promise and clears his misunderstanding declaring that Vishal is not her husband. KT gets a ray of hope and determines himself to get Preeti back in his life.

Now in the upcoming episode, KT will get elated by Preeti’s revelation and shows his gratefulness to the God. He was about to inform Preeti about her past when Shikha’s mother comes there and tells about little Preeti being missing. Preeti gets shocked and panics for little Preeti while KT goes along with her in search of little Preeti. On the other side little Preeti roams around in order to find Preeti/Mohi and falls down. Later on KT saves little Preeti while Preeti hugs her tightly pouring her emotions out. KT looks at their bond and gets into thinking.

What KT will do now? Will he inform Preeti about her past? How Preeti will react? Will she believe KT?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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