Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT and Preeti apologizes to Kushala

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The intriguing storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode Preeti tries to Justify her decision of surrogacy in front of Kushala by saying that she wasn’t medically fit to conceive and that is why she opted for surrogacy. Kushala’s friends mocks her and makes fun of Preeti’s age while Kushala gets furious and tries to shut them up but they continues degrading Kushala. Preeti comes forward and scolds them for being insensitive. She gets furious at them while KT supports her.

He states that it’s their family matter and ask others to stay away from it. Kushala’s friends feels humiliated and leaves from there while doctor Sonali and Mitali apologizes to KT and goes away realising their mistake. Sneha scolds Preeti for giving pain to Kushala while KT and Preeti tries to hold her but she pushes them and goes away. Preeti breaks down while KT supports her. Foorti sees them and holds her baby bump. Priyanka and Neel supports Preeti and KT’s decision while Sneha looks unconvinced. She doubts Neel and Priyanka and ask if they are also thinking about surrogacy? To which Neel jokes with her. Priyanka hugs Neel and they both thanks KT and Preeti for reuniting them.

Later on KT and Preeti tries to convince Kushala but she gives them a cold shoulder. Preeti tells about her condition and says that she doesn’t wanted to break Kushala’s or KT’s heart as she had witnessed the spark for the baby in their eyes. KT stands for Preeti and says that they have done it for the family’s happiness and ask Kushala to accept it as Foorti is just the carrier but the baby is of Preeti and his only. Kushala looses her calm and denies to accept surrogacy. She taunts Preeti and shouts at her for being a betrayer.

Kushala sees Foorti on stairs and ask her to take care of herself as she is carrying their heir while she nods. Preeti apologizes to Kushala but she tagged Preeti as a lier. KT stops her defending Preeti and reminds Kushala about her lie while she gets teary eyes and blames Preeti for manipulating KT against her. She says that KT have changed as now he is supporting his wife instead of her and goes from there while Preeti and KT gets shocked.

Now in the upcoming episode Juhi will ask Preeti to tell about her illness to KT as it’s been 8 months since Preeti is fighting alone with her disease. She insists Preeti giving her promise to inform KT about her cancer while Preeti nods agreeing to her. On the other side KT is seen shattered and broken while Preeti practices to tell about her ovarian cancer to him.

Will Kushala forgive Preeti and KT? Will Preeti tell about her illness to KT? How will KT react after knowing about Preeti suffering from cancer? Will Preeti be able to win against ovarian cancer?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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