Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT gets shattered knowing about Arjun’s identity

Shaadi Mubarak Pics
Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT gets shattered knowing about Arjun's identity

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences curious with its high voltage drama. In the earlier episode Nandini makes fun of KT’s foolishness and declares Arjun to be her strength as well as KT’s weakness. She goes towards the door of her room but found it locked, she searches for her phone and sees it inside the water jug, She shouts for help but Preeti have cleverly planned to keep her inside, She have arranged orchestra to distract everyone from hearing Nandini’s voice. Later on Tibrewal’s left for the temple while Arjun insists to go along with Nandini but KT somehow takes Arjun with himself. Preeti informed Kusum about everything and asked for her help to watch over Nandini while Kusum agreed to it.

Nandini tricks Kusum and acts to be unconscious, When Kusum goes inside to help her she falls down due to the slippery floor created by Nandini, Meanwhile Nandini runs away from there. Later on KT announces about Arjun to be his son in front of the media while they questions KT about his past, Preeti replies them back when Nandini comes there and revealed Arjun to be adopted. KT shouts at her while she shows him the papers of adoption, He gets shattered while Nandini reveals about her motive in front of all. Arjun gets stunned and pleads Nandini to say that she is lying! She screams at him stating that she does not need him anymore while he keeps crying. KT remembers his moments with Arjun while Preeti concluded that Nandini wants to break KT to make him suicide just like Ravi. Nandini says that she will take her revenge from KT for snatching all the happiness of her life.

In the upcoming episode Nandini will encourage KT to suicide reminding him about all the bad incidences. She provokes him while he looks at the fire inside the temple. Everyone run towards him while Preeti screams his name. Nandini smirks and announces that KT have suicided as he could not able to accept the truth.

Will KT die? Will Preeti be able to save him? What will happen to Preeti and KT’s story? Will Nandini gets sucessful in her revenge?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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