Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Neel denies to have feelings for Priyanka

Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler pics
Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Neel denies to have feelings for Priyanka

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is going for an interesting turn of events. In the earlier episode KT confesses the truth about his feelings for Preeti in the Dargah while she hears his conversation and gets shattered knowing about his lie. She faces him and taunts him for being such a great actor while he tries to explain her but she leaves from there saying that he has broken her. They both have a painful eye lock while Preeti calls Kusum asking her to come to her house as she needs her. She remembers all the moments with KT and cries vigorously. Preeti reaches home and gets stunned seeing the preparations going on for Neel’s engagement. Sneha told her that Neelima have arranged everything while Neelima ask Preeti about her trip when KT comes there saying that they missed their flight.

Preeti reminds Neelima about her promise for Neel and Priyanka’s marriage while she replies that Neel does not love Priyanka. Preeti looks at him who agreed to Neelima. Preeti tries to convince him to say the truth while Neelima ask KT to stop her. KT faces Neel and ask him to tell about the matter while he stays firm with his statement. KT says to Preeti that she can’t force Neel to love Priyanka while she looks on. Maheshwari’s arrives for the engagement while Preeti advice Neel to take a stand for his love as his decision will affect all the three lives. Neelima takes Neel away and emotionally blackmails him reminding about his family. They begins with engagement rituals when Kusum comes there and gets frozen to her place witnessing the scenario. She questions Preeti about Neel’s engagement while Preeti stays speechless. She looks at Neel while he bends his head down.

Now in the upcoming episode Kusum will shouts at Neelima for backing away from her words and taunts her for the fake promise she have done to get Neel married to Priyanka. Neel states that he doesn’t love Priyanka making Kusum stunned. Neelima shouts at Kusum stating that Neel does not have feelings for Priyanka and informs that even Preeti knows about it. Kusum looks at Preeti with painful eyes while Preeti tries to explain herself but Kusum breaks all the ties with her. Photo frame of KT, Preeti and Kusum standing together breaks while Preeti cries vigorously lying on her bed, KT looks at the devastated state of Preeti. On the other side Kusum also cries embracing Priyanka.

Will Preeti be able to convince Kusum? Will Neel get married to Shikha? What KT will do after knowing the truth? Will KT reunite Kusum and Preeti?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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