Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti challenges Nandini

Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler pics
Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti challenges Nandini

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The intriguing storyline of Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode Preeti tries to convince KT to throw Nandini out of their life while he denies to do it stating himself to be a sentimental person who if gets attached with someone then it’s really hard for him to get detach. He states that he don’t want to loose his son Arjun and also can take the risk to keep Nandini for the sake of Arjun even after knowing about her dangerous motive. Preeti shouts at him being concerned while he shouts back staying determined on his statement. He goes from there while Nandini smirks at Preeti. Preeti challenges Nandini that she won’t let her harm KT and will always protect him while Nandini thinks that she will make Preeti’s life as colourless as hers. She decides to kill KT and make the Tibrewals cry for him.

On the other side Arjun cries in front of KT saying that he always have to choose in between his parents and ask KT to leave Preeti but KT denies to do it stating that he can do anything for Arjun except for leaving Preeti. He ask Arjun to accept Preeti as his mother while he shouts saying that he can never do this, At that time Preeti comes there and looks on. Neelima ask Shivraj to buy property for Arjun when Sneha interrupts saying that they are doing partiality in between KT and Neel. To which Shivraj agrees but Neelima taunted Sneha saying that Neel is not their blood as Sneha have adopted him from her sister and says that they have already done a lot for him. At that time Nandini comes there and ask about a picture, Neelima told her about their family ritual of Kuldevi puja while she ask when KT and Arjun will do it? To which Neelima suggests that tomorrow they can keep the press conference in the temple so that both the work can be done.

Preeti gets suspicious about it and thinks that Nandini must be planning something to harm KT while Nandini smirks saying that she will surely kill KT this time. Preeti gets worried for KT and ties a protection thread on his wrist while he cracks some jokes to make her smile but she looks at him being concerned. Nandini takes Ravi’s remainings and says that she will do his last rights only after fulfilling her revenge. Later on she gets ready when Arjun hugs and thanked her happily. She thinks that Arjun have helped her a lot in order to stay in this house and smirks saying that KT’s foolishness will cost him his life.

In the upcoming episode KT will happily announce Arjun being his son when Nandini will come and declares Arjun to be adopted. She shows all the papers to the media and trashes KT’s image. Preeti supports KT as he looses his balance being shocked. Nandini provokes him to suicide while he moves towards the fire inside the temple. Preeti shouts his name while Nandini smirks declaring that KT have taken his life being traumatised with the revelation.

How Arjun will react after knowing the truth? What all Nandini will do to fullfill her revenge? Will Preeti be able to save KT or is this the end of Preeti and KT’s story?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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