Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti gets injured in order to save Foorti

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is all set for high voltage drama. In the earlier episode Foorti misbehaves with Preeti while Kushala sees it and gets furious at Foorti. She shouts at Foorti and ask her to leave the house. She drags her downstairs while Preeti keeps requesting her to stop. Kushala told everyone how Foorti is making Preeti work and tells her the importance of Preeti in their house. Foorti goes up to pack her bag but gets stumbled with the skate on the stairs. Preeti and KT rushes to save her while Foorti somehow balances herself. Preeti’s head hits the stairs as her legs falls upon a bottle.

Everyone gets panic seeing Preeti’s condition while KT takes her upstairs. Kushala ask Neel to call the doctor while Priyanka says that why Preeti risked her child’s life for Foorti? Kushala agrees to her and prays for Preeti’s health. KT treats Preeti while she opens her eyes. He gets emotional and pours his heart feelings out. Foorti realizes her mistake and prays for Preeti. Meanwhile Preeti states that they can’t see the doctor as it will bring the truth out. She gets more worried about KT getting to know about her disease. KT stops Kushala from entering their room along with the doctor. Kushala goes from there reluctantly while doctor gets inside and sees Foorti who was pretending to be Preeti.

Preeti sees them hiding behind the door while doctor checks Foorti. Later on doctor ask Kushala to relax and says that everything is fine. She leaves while the family members goes to meet Preeti. Kushala states that Foorti can stay in this house as she is precious to Preeti. The doctor comes back in order to take her phone while Foorti hurriedly gets beside Preeti. Doctor advice her to take proper rest and finally leaves from there.

Foorti apologizes to Preeti and ask to trust her. Later on Preeti and KT watches his film and discuss about their future plans. KT goes from there while Preeti calls her doctor as she feels pain. Her doctor ask her to be really careful as her condition is very critical. She advice her to take medicines and fixes her appointment. Preeti stays determined to fight against her cancer and win her life back.

Now in the upcoming episode Kushala will give a coconut to Sneha and explain her that Preeti have to put it in her stomach and chant some shlokas. Later on Preeti sneaks out of her room covering herself with a blanket while Priyanka sees her and follows her. Priyanka spots Foorti keeping the coconut on her stomach and chanting the shlokas. She informs Kushala about it while she gets shocked.

Will Preeti get caught? Will Preeti be able to fight against cancer? What will be KT and Preeti’s future? What Kushala will do after knowing about surrogacy?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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