Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti gets shocked learning about KT’s lie

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Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti gets shocked learning about KT's lie

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is all set for high voltage drama. In the earlier episode Preeti shares her excitement about going to Switzerland along with KT and states that from now she will enjoy each moment of her life. She pours her heart out saying that Kusum and KT are the two most precious person in her life who have made her stronger and have always supported her. She says that they have made her to overcome her suffocating life. She thanked KT for everything while he looks lost. On the other side Neel gets shocked knowing about his engagement being held on the next day when Preeti and KT will leave and tries to deny for it while Neelima warns him about going against her decision.

Everyone bids adieu to Preeti and KT when Juhi comes there and gives warm clothes to Preeti which were sent by Kusum. Preeti gets overwhelmed while Juhi praises KT and ask him to take care of her mother. At that time their landline rings and Sneha puts the call on speaker. Preeti gets confused hearing about engagement topic and questions about it while Neel handles the situation declaring it to be a wrong number. Preeti assures Neel that she will make him engaged to Priyanka after coming back from her trip while Neelima reminds her about the flight and makes Preeti and KT leave. On the way to the airport Preeti sees a Dargah and demands to go their. She prays for KT’s happiness while he prays for hers. Preeti takes him along with her to tie the thread wishing for their love while KT gets hesitant. Later on he makes an excuse and comes back inside the Dargah to remove the thread when an old man warns him that his wish won’t get fulfilled if he removes it. KT says that he have lied to his wife about loving her and so it’s better to remove the thread while Preeti gets shocked hearing their conversation.

Now in the upcoming episode Neelima will perform Neel and Shikha’s engagement in front of the family when Preeti will come their heartbroken and gets shocked witnessing it. She will try to interfere but Kusum comes there and shouts at Neelima reminding her about agreeing for Neel and Priyanka’s marriage. Neel states that he doesn’t love Priyanka which stuns Kusum. Neelima says that Preeti knew about the engagement while Kusum breaks her all ties with Preeti. Preeti tries to explain herself with teary eyes but Kusum ignores her meanwhile KT looks on.

How Preeti will react after learning about KT’s lie? Will KT be able to say his point in front of Preeti? Will Preeti able to explain herself to Kusum? What will be the destiny of Neel and Priyanka’s love?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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