Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti gets shocked seeing KT in cancer ward

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The intriguing storyline of Shaadi Mubarak has kept the viewers hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode Priyanka decides to forgive Neel and worries about him remembering how he denies to sleep with her in the same room. At that time Preeti sneaks out of Foorti’s room covering herself with the blanket while Priyanka spots her and gets suspicious thinking her to be Neel. She gets inside her room and sees Neel’s broken button, She determines herself to check inside Foorti’s room in order to confirm her doubt.

Later on she peeps inside Foorti’s room and gets shocked seeing her keeping the coconut and reciting the shlokas as said by Kushala to Preeti. She told about it to Kushala while they both comes to check on Foorti but couldn’t able to find the coconut. Priyanka confronts Foorti to tell the truth while she lies about doing meditation. Kushala goes from their while Priyanka gets more suspicious. On the other side KT expresses his love for Preeti’s hair while she gets emotional thinking about loosing them after chemotherapy. She goes to hospital for her checkup while Juhi gets broken witnessing Preeti’s condition.

Preeti consoles Juhi stating that their love gives support to her to fight against cancer. Juhi goes to bring medicines for Preeti while KT visits cancer ward for charity. Preeti gets shocked seeing him and hides herself with the blanket. KT meets every cancer patient and comes towards Preeti. He gives support to her unknown of her being Preeti and praises women’s for being the strongest.

He ask her to pray for his wife and child while Preeti controls her sobs. KT was about to go when he notices her hair and remembers Preeti. He moves forward when he spots Juhi there. She gets stunned seeing him while he questions her! Preeti calls him on his number while Juhi says that he can’t talk inside the ward. He moves out to talk to Preeti, Who lies to him about being in office. He gets relieved and expresses how important she is for him.

Now in the upcoming episode Priyanka will keep an eye on Foorti and confronts her for eating more then her portion size when Furti was about to take 2 sweets. Priyanka states that it’s mostly done by pregnant women while Preeti hears their conversation. She talks to KT being worried about surrogacy matter. She ask him to do something before Foorti’s stomach start showing. She says that people will start questioning Foorti soon and they have to find some solution for it. She reminds KT that Kushala is going to announce about her pregnancy on Holi function and gets tensed about it while KT looks on.

Will Priyanka get to know about surrogacy? How Preeti will save Foorti from Priyanka? Will KT be able to find about Preeti’s illness? Will Preeti be able to win her fight against cancer?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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