Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti tries to clear misunderstandings in between Neel and Priyanka

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is attracting the audiences with its gripping storyline filled with twist and turns. In the earlier episode KT is seen tensed about Preeti while Juhi confronts him. He says that he is worried about Preeti’s health as he have seen a nightmare of her suffering from cancer. He gets restless and shares that he can’t able to live without Preeti. Juhi gets emotional seeing his condition while he calms himself and ask Juhi about her visit to the hospital! She lies about coming to see a relative while he goes from there.

Juhi told Preeti about KT’s love for her while Preeti gets teary eyes saying that he can’t able to bear about her disease and that is why she have hidden it from him. Later on KT reaches his house and gets relieved seeing Preeti, He pours his heart out and expresses his love for her. They both shares an emotional moment and KT gifts her some stuffs. He takes off evil eyes from her while Kushala gets happy seeing them. Sneha invites Dr. Mitali to the Holi party while on the other side Foorti gets irked by Priyanka’s behaviour.

Neel defends Foorti while Priyanka gets furious at him. Priyanka taunts Foorti for eating more and points out at her bulging stomach. Preeti comes there and sends Foorti to her room. She tries to clear misunderstandings in between Neel and Priyanka but both blames each other for the problems. She scolds them and reminds about their marriage vows. She says that it was her whom Priyanka have spotted coming out of Foorti’s room and scolds Neel for using Foorti to make Priyanka jealous. She tries to reconcile them but Priyanka leaves from there.

Preeti shares her worry about surrogacy with KT while he calms her down. He gifts her a ring making her smile. She says that they have to do something before everyone starts noticing Foorti’s protruding stomach. KT tells Preeti about the solution that his friend will send them artificial pregnancy belly in order to hide their truth. They applies colour to each other and enjoys Holi party. Dr. Mitali along with her friend comes to the party and sees Foorti thinking her to be Preeti. She goes towards her to ask about her health while KT and Preeti misses to notice Dr. Mitali being busy with one another.

Now in the upcoming episode Kushala will excitedly announce about Preeti’s pregnancy in front of everyone while the women with Dr. Mitali will reveal that Preeti is not pregnant instead it’s Foorti who is pregnant. She tells that Dr. Mitali have treated Foorti while everyone gets shocked. Preeti bows her head down as she can’t able to face her family.

What will be Kushala’s reaction after knowing about surrogacy? Will Preeti be able to fight against her cancer? How KT will react after knowing about Preeti’s illness? Will Priyanka forgive Neel?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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