Shaadi Mubarak: Will KT be able to fulfill his responsibility towards the baby?

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is going for an interesting turn of events. In the earlier episode KT keeps searching for Preeti and ask to print her photos in every newspapers. Kushala gets emotional seeing his state and reminds him about his responsibilities towards the baby. She forcefully gives the baby to him in order to divert his mind and goes from there while KT’s heart flutters seeing his baby’s smile. He feeds the baby and assures that soon they will be able to find her mother. He mutters that his family is incomplete without Preeti.

On the other side Shikha gets labour pain and soon delivers a baby girl. Vishal rejoices in excitement while Shikha smiles seeing his happiness. Preeti saves Shikha’s baby from falling down while Shikha tagged her to be the baby’s godmother. She gives the responsibility of her baby to Preeti while she accepts it happily. KT brings his baby to home while Tibrewals gets emotional and tries to console KT. He takes the baby inside his room and shows her everything. He tells the baby about Preeti and comforts her stating that her mother will soon come back.

On the other side Preeti adores the baby while Vishal informs that he couldn’t able to find about Preeti’s family. He states that the records of hospital are also burnt while Shikha insists him to keep Preeti along with them. He argues reminding about their financial condition but Shikha somehow convinces him. He sees a job offer in the newspapers and tells about it to Shikha while she reminds him about his dream of becoming a musician. She boost him with encouragement while they shares a happy moment. Preeti smiles seeing their bond while Shikha names her as “Mohi”.

Now in the upcoming episode Shikha will fall down and gets heavily injured while Preeti cries seeing her bleeding head. Shikha gives her baby’s responsibility to Preeti asking her to give a mother’s love to the baby. Preeti promises to take care of the baby while Vishal comes there and snatches his baby from Preeti. He restricts her from touching the baby while Preeti cries saying that she have promised Shikha to take care of her baby. On the other side KT stops his family from performing Preeti’s last rituals and states that she is alive. He stays adamant on his statement and says that she will soon come back.

What all problems KT and Preeti will face? How KT will handle his baby? Will Shikha die? What Preeti will do to keep her promise?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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