Shaadi Mubarak: Will Preeti be able to rescue Kirti and Vishal’s daughter?

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is going for a dramatic turn of events.

In the current track, Preeti determines to save the kids and seek blessings from the God’s idol. She prays for the safety of the kids, whereas Kushala’s health deteriorates learning about the kidnapping.

Elsewhere, kidnapper enlightens the kids about his reason for abducting them. He shares the injustice police have done to him and determines to take his revenge through the kids. Meanwhile, little Preeti and Kirti gets afraid of him.

Preeti goes through an emotional breakdown, recalling her moments with Vishal’s daughter. At that time, Kushala notify her to watch the television. Preeti gets petrified seeing live telecast of the kidnapper, where he proclaims to kill the kids.

She focuses on the screen and gets some clues about the place, where kidnapper have kept the kids. She proceed to save them, whereas Shikha’s mother informs Vishal about the kidnapping.

Further, Kirti somehow injures the abductor and tries to run away along with little Preeti, but unfortunately got caught. Kidnapper was about to punish them, when Preeti comes as a saviour. She fights with the goons and hides away along with the kids, whereas the kidnapper proclaims to kill them.

Now in the upcoming episode, Preeti will instruct Kirti to pour the oil on the floor. Meanwhile, Kidnapper will slip and get injured. Preeti will try to escape along with Kirti and little Preeti, but the other abductor will hit her on head. Preeti will fall down getting unconscious, whereas kids will panic and will try to wake her up.

Will Preeti be able to rescue the kids? What Vishal will do now? Will Police be able to reach on time? Will kidnapper get successful in killing the kids?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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