Shaadi Mubarak: Will Preeti be able to save Kirti?

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is going for an interesting turn of events.


In the current track, Vishal attempts to get close to his daughter and helps her regarding the audition. Preeti feels ambivalent. One side, she experiences contentment seeing Vishal’s effort, on the other side, becomes gloomy upon staying away from little Preeti. Vishal tries his best to create a gap in between Preeti and his daughter; but little Preeti fails his plan by going back to Preeti, in order to seek her help. Vishal gets furious and targets to separate them.

Here, Kirti demands KT to talk to her principal regarding the role of Princess. She ask him to recommend her for the play, whereas Kushala informs KT about her encounter with Vishal at the school.

Ahead, KT disguises himself to go to the school along with Kirti. Little Preeti gives her audition. Meanwhile, Kirti gets angry with KT, upon learning that he have not recommended her to the principal. She couldn’t able to perform due to lack of practice and so, little Preeti gets the role.

KT tries to pacify Kirti but she runs away, getting inside the school lab. Shockingly, the lab catches fire. Preeti risks her life to save Kirti. KT gets frozen witnessing the scene, but later extinguishes the fire. He shows his gratitude towards Preeti and scolds Kirti for misbehaving with her.

Further, Kirti locks her door being mad at KT, while he panicks and forcefully gets inside her room. He shows his concern towards her, whereas she shouts at him. Later, KT reveals about Preeti’s truth. Meanwhile, Kirti gets shocked upon learning about Preeti being her mother.

Now in the upcoming episode, KT will share his glee about meeting Preeti after 5 long years. But later will apprise about the hate, Preeti have for KT and says that he have disguised himself in order to get Preeti’s friendship. Further, he will question that whether she will be able to love Keertan? Or will go away from him after knowing the truth about Keertan and KT being the same.

Will Kirti accept Preeti as her mother? What Vishal will do to separate his daughter from Preeti? How KT will bring Preeti and Kirti close to each other? Will Preeti fall in love with Keertan?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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