Shaheer Sheikh, Pearl V Puri and Arjit Taneja made their fans proud: Check out the reason!

Indian Television current male leads, Shaheer Sheikh, Pearl V Puri and Arjit Taneja is making their fans proud with their breathtaking performances in their shows.

In the shows Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Bepanah Pyaar and Bahu Begum; male leads are winning the heart in the emotional scenes. Shows are currently focusing on breakup, emotional and misunderstanding tracks and without a doubt; Abir, Raghbir and Azaan is just slaying in the emotional sequence and making the audiences connect with them.

In the Star Plus show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke; Abir and Mishti breakup track is going on.

Actor Shaheer Sheikh as Abir is already making the heart to skip the beat with his flawless performance. In the recent episode, Abir decides to do break up with Mishti. Though he was equally hurt while parting his ways with Mishti but the way he hide his pain was praiseworthy!

Similarly, Bepanah Pyaar actor Pearl V Puri is perfectly depicting the pain of Raghbir. In the show currently, Raghbir is heartbroken after he learned that Bani didn’t die but she is alive and Pragati lied to him. He hates Pragati for playing with his emotions and further her closeness with Sahas is irking him the most. Raghbir accuses Pragati for ditching him and hurts himself. In the painful sequence Pearl V Puri as Raghbir is definitely making his fans proud.

Coming to Arjit Taneja, actor too is justifying his role as Azaan in his show Bahu Begum. Currently, Azaan misunderstands Shayra for having affair with Adil and vents out his frustration on her. In the role of Azaan, Arjit Taneja is perfectly perfect.

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